Feb. 19th, 2007

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Most of it really; enjoyed the time with littlebirdblue so much. Met [personal profile] beth_bernobich in the real and am glad to have. We had some nice convo and appear to have the same taste in build it yourself pasta meals; she gave a great reading from a story of hers coming out in Interzone sometime in the next while. Met some other nice folks, and re-met one from the last World Fantasy.

Boskone does a nice variety of panels and events and we took in a small portion of it.

I believe I acquitted myself well in my seven minutes of reading for the Broad Universe rapid fire reading, and was pleased to be in good company.

I even managed to accomplish a little bit of that business of writing stuff.

Most of all, however, it was just very lovely to spend that time with a good friend. Besides con stuff, and lots of lovely conversation, we also managed a hot tub and swim. Go us!

Special thanks to [profile] planetalyx for the little sweet spikes of text messaging throughout the weekend, especially while travelling. (I didn't take my computer, and it's just as well, because wifi access at the hotel was not free.)

And my head didn't explode.

All in all, a good weekend.
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Pretty sweet sale at Nightshade Books. Using coupon code NSB773 (as posted by [profile] jlassen), 50% off all books, including pre-orders, which means you can pre-order, say, Liz William's Precious Dragon for half off.


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