May. 21st, 2007

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Having such a weird day, physiologically, today; feel dizzy and somewhat surreally disconnected from everything, with a headache trying to verge into being, but not quite coming (thankfully). And just...weird.

Had weird prolonged dreamage last night, too, in which an evil fay had gotten into the house where I was staying with my sister/not really my real, but sort of my real sister and my mother and her husband (sort of). In order to contain the evil fay being—a wizened, nasty man-thing with lascivious wiles and agenda—at bay/contained, sister/notsister and I had to wet our hands in the rain outside repeatedly and go around touching all the doorknobs (there were a lot of them) on doors while saying a little spell in our heads on each one. Which we did, but somehow the fay still managed to get into my sister’s room and affect a changeling switch with her/me (it wasn’t clear which one of us, or, rather, it kept switching off between us)…vaguely disturbing, that.

And I’m sleepy and I don’t want to be here and I’m tired of editing the endless ass document I’m currently editing.

And I feel weird, did I say?


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