Jan. 6th, 2012

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I was priveleged and pretty squeeful to read an ARC of Elizabeth Bear's RANGE OF GHOSTS, due out in the world March 27, 2012.

If I could have holed up at home and done nothing but read this book for a couple of days, I would have. Life doesn't permit that to me these days, and I can barely stay up past 10 most nights, so it took me a while to finish, but that's not the fault of the book. As it is, I'm now cursed to wait for the second book in the series (the Eternal Sky series), THE SHATTERED PILLARS, for freaking ever. Want now. whine.

Set in a very alternate, but still recognizable and real-feeling, northeast Asia of the Mongol Empire, Range of Ghosts is epic, in landscape and scope and sweep of storytelling. This is a big world full of legend, magic, multiple cultures, and intimate human realities. It's the kind of narrative and landscape, both intimate and huge, that stretches you and expands within you, colonizing your dreams and the terrain of your thoughts. It's the kind of book, and the beginning of the kind of series, that literate fantasy fans live for, the kind that you live in and that lives in you. The kind with characters, human and nonhuman, you want to know and spend time with, and that you'll go back and read again.

I think this book, and the series it promises, has true brilliance and greatness of heart.

Also, I want an HBO series based on it.


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