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N&C and the kids came over last night; we used the lofts grill, the kids ran all around the grounds like a three-short-person army of destruction (why don't we toss the hula hoops up and hit the light globes in the pavilion, that are so high up some of us never would have guessed they were even in danger); then we all sat on my little balcony and watched both the city fireworks and all the various neighborhood shows as well. It was nice. Plus N made pecan pie from pecans the kids shelled.

Had my echo cardiogram last week; always cool to see the ultrasound of my heart.

Things in the dreaming last night included two tiny kittens I was watching for a friend, which turned out to be the nymph stage of a strange bug, when they suddenly began splitting again and again by process of mitosis into even tinier bugs, bugs with more than a passing resemblance to insect-sized kittens, but with insectoid accoutrement. I was mostly worried how I was going to explain to my friend what had happened to the kittens.

I blame this on [profile] planetalyx's picture post of baby globe spiders and our conversation in the comments about the snuggliness of same.
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