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So, first off, Sula-kitty seems to have done well in my absence; no vom, ate her food, got her meds. She still seems under the weather to me, but she's not in immediate danger of expiring, so yay! More vet consultation to come.

My first Wiscon was pretty much awesome. Hanging with my roomies[ profile] mkhobson and [info]camillealexa was worth the price of admission all by itself. Then seeing folks I don't see very often and meeting a slew of interesting and lovely new folks was fab. All of my panels contained interesting discussion, courtesy of excellent panelists and excellent audiences. I enjoyed hearing various folks read, particularly Geoff Ryman and Catherynne Valente. I also missed a lot of things I would have liked to attend because I was on panels.

The Gathering on Friday was my very favorite part of the Wiscon programming itself. From the very beginning, Wiscon feels very different from other cons.

Madison is a sweet little city. The Saturday morning market remains imprinted on my mind mainly for morels (and more morels) in mazy, sepia-toned brain-patterened goodness, tall stalks of pussy willows, and lilacs fruiting the air with joy.

Upcoming Austin-flavored stuff: My story "Our Lady of the Mantilla," urban library fantasy set in Austin, goes up in Issue 7of Crossed Genres magazine next Monday, June 1.

Then, Thursday June 4, come hear Camille Alexa read from her forthcoming story collection Push of the Sky (which is a wonderful, dark and many-toned read, highly recommended):
AUSTIN, TX / Thursday JUNE 4TH @ 7pm
5501 N. Lamar Blvd. #A-105
Austin, TX 78751
Tel: 512-472-2785


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