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Dreamt that I was traveling with [ profile] planetalyx to a convention and we took a detour to the past to visit a young Michael Swanwick (one of our Clarion teachers) in a closed neighborhood library. Much disarray of books, but it was a charming spot, with overstuffed Victorian divans and armchairs. While there, I lost my voice. It was very frustrating trying to talk and not being able to get above an almost nonexistent whisper--I had a very strong reaction, but then made light of it by planning to write on my badge at the convention, "apparently monkeys have stolen my voice."

My reaction was so strong that when I woke up, I had to talk to make sure I still had my voice.

Symbology, you say? Nah...

I also dreamt briefly that I was preparing an essay on the disitinctions between covert vs. overt learning, and how there is so much more covert learning, and some of it we are so unaware of until it comes to the surface, than overt.

Another follow-up for Sula Pironimous Rex this morning; holding steady--meaning no improvment in her blood count numbers, but no lost ground either. The doc reiterated that recovery time for pure red cell aplasia can be months. She (Sula, not the vet) did come to sit in my lap and rub her scent all over me this morning; I'll take that as a good sign, despite the appearance of every illiminatory option in her carrier between the trip to the vet and the trip home.

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