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First, one for a story of my own, "A Thousand Wings of Luck," which appears in the Subversion anthology. Kay Holt gives it a very swell little review over on her blog, as part of a series of reviews of the whole anthology. An excerpt:

Without being heavy-handed, A Thousand Wings of Luck explores the interplay between faith and skepticism and invites the reader to take no assumption for granted. To question tradition and dogma, and examine superstition and the influence of interpretation upon the law. In its elegant way, this story also advocates for experimentation as both a threat to empty faith and the remedy for blind literalism.

She got it!

I've already posted about these books, but here it is again: The Cloud Roads and The Serpent Sea - wonderful fantasy reads.

Available near the end of March, Elizabeth Bear's Range of Ghosts, to quote my own earlier review, is epic and has "true brilliance and greatness of heart."

Pico Iyer's article, The Writing Life: The Point of the Long and Winding Sentence, is worth a read. Iyer touches on some stuff about language and writing that's near and dear to my heart... The point is certainly not that every sentence should be long, but that we need to make more room and grow more appreciation (as writers and as readers) for the long sentence and its unique and twisty power of revelation.

Lastly, food! For locals and visitors, from the current menu (don't know how long it will last) the winter root vegetable croquets over kale and a carrot puree/foam thing at the East Side Show Room is, oh, sooo good. I don't usually like carrots very much, but I snarfed every bit of this foamy orange incarnation. Follow it with the Show Room's pear poached in burgundy with whipped honey chevre and homemade biscotti. Glory.

To end as I began, with a self rec, here's the easy way I make really yummy baked tofu:

slice firm tofu into rectangle slabs about a half inch, or less, thick
line a cookie pan or toaster oven pan w/tin foil (otherwise known as aluminum foil)
put down some butter dabs or olive oil, soy sauce, & garlic powder
lay tofu pieces over this in one layer
top with more butter or olive oil, *soy sauce, & garlic powder  

*be pretty liberal with the soy sauce

cover loosely w/another bit of tin foil
bake at about 400 for 45 minutes to an hour

serve w/a steamed veggie


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