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Things like this make me want to gear up (with holy water and a disintegrator ray, since these are clearly evil monsters from hell) and go take some monsters out of my world...though rescuing as many of the abandoned dogs as possible is clearly a more realistically useful activity. So I sent the good people doing that some money to help them do it more. (warning: that link is to a story that's upsetting; there's no horrible photos, but it's upsetting stuff nonetheless)

You know, I subscribe to the idea of focusing on the good, on what you love, on giving your energy and support to what deserves it and what makes your world a better place to be...but I can't ignore the bad and horrible or the suffering it causes.

(Which means I spent a chunk of yesterday in a haze of dark depression and grief, after breaking the cardinal rule and reading the comments on an Austin Chronicle piece on the T-n-R feral cat program, specifically the long and ranting multiple comments of a clearly deranged individual who murders feral cats--and cats with collars whose owners let them go outside--wholesale, by shooting, drowning--however he can. I's really fucking upsetting to me, okay? Yes, I should know better than to read the comments anywhere but on the curated blogs of decent people of good will.)  
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