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A few things.

If you must use alt-right, it's neo-Nazi alt-right, or fascist, racist, hate is our brand alt-right. Those are the correct terms. Use them. Or just use Nazi, because, despite sophistry about neo vs. old-style, or about how some are nazis and some are KKK and others are just 'white nationalists,' Nazi is still, in terms of aims and behaviors, correct. See also: worst element of regressive evil in humanity, right there beside Isis. They are not the future, they are the worst of the past. Not the "children of the sun," the children of hate, they create nothing but misery for others.

This is not normal. We cannot move forward with these people. I know that sucks; we all want our normal lives back. But perhaps you should go look at some pictures and reports from Auschwitz, Buchenwald, and other documentation of Nazi Germany's normalization of 'alt-right' philosophies, go look so you can see exactly what it is you're enabling.

Then stand up, call it out when you see it or hear it, don't allow it take hold in your community, in your life, in your own self. Take whatever nonviolent action you can, make our systems of law and our checks and balances work for us. Hold the media to task when they enable--and they're doing it now.

Speak up. However it is that you can. Whether it's encouraging or facilitating real conversation and critical thought as an educator; making art; calling out silent acquiescence to fascist, abusive, racist, misogynist, ableist behavior; organizing, writing letters, going to protests, signing petitions, making phone calls; providing support to the most vulnerable or to organizations doing good work; subscribing to news orgs and then demanding truly clear headed, real reporting from them (hint: If they use 'alt-right,' correct them and tell them not to do the Nazi's rebranding PR work for them).

If you think this is an overreaction, please behold my psychic powers: you are white, have some financial resources, and are probably not Jewish (though the phenomenon of individuals punching themselves in the face exists widely. See: white women who voted for Trump). And then think about how Nazi Germany ultimately turned out for everyone in that country. Hint: not good. And if you are a white person with some financial resources, it's so fucking important for you to stand up, speak up, and not remain silent.

This kind of action, is what Trump, in all his corrupt, delusional, thin-skinned self-aggrandizement, represents for everyone who is not one of him. (He has financial stake in that pipeline.) The list of what these people don't actually care about is: everything and everyone but their own power and deluded self-interest.

And by the way, a majority of Americans picked Hillary; she won the popular vote by roughly two million.

I'm not saying run around like a chicken with your head cut off; I am saying don't accept this as normal. Yes, continue to live your life, but live a reality of kindness, compassion, love, speaking up for what's right, taking action, dancing, singing, celebrating what's worth celebrating, giving back, engaging in joy, and don't let the slimiest, nastiest elements of human society raise a flag of hate and horror over us all.

ETA: Here's an online curriculum: WHO, IF NOT YOU?
How you can intervene when witnessing racist assaults


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