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We should be spending all our time being amazed at the wonders of this planet, loving each other, celebrating, being kind, helping each other out. Instead we have this mess of unkind, selfish, destructoid, mealy mouthed horrorshow monster-clowns stealing all our time, killing us, killing the wonder and beauty of the planet, of nature, raping humans and the wild and leaving us all to reap the (literal climate change) whirlwind.

Everyday we have this amazing life within us, breath and perception and sweetness. That’s where our focus should be. Can it be there while we also resist and work for social justice, work to protect the vulnerable, the threatened, the beauty that is life loved and appreciated, not life raped and murdered?

It has to be, because that’s part of resistance, to continue to love, cherish, celebrate each other and the intricately amazing planet we live on together. To hold light in our hearts and hands and pass it one to another as necessary. To honor the wild, each other, and ourselves.

This has been a solstice manifesto…

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