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storyrainthejournal ([personal profile] storyrainthejournal) wrote2018-07-24 04:44 pm
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Daily anxiety attack

Endless pleas for money

To fix what’s been broken

The busted egg of our reality, opened to darkness

Fascism, not just a word

But a series of ever more horrible policies

Allowing for the abuse and murder of so


We will go on

Each of us

Until we don’t

That’s a fact

But for the many

The time alive made harrowing by

The few

It’s unforgivable, horrifying, wrong, wrong, all wrong

So much pain

I flee to the sweet respite of story, escape, as I know distant relatives did

In Germany, Russia, the Ukraine, those Jewish relations who did not escape

In reality

Broken, broken reality

It hurts, I cry, I go on

The darkness was always there for some, I know

But there are times when the floodgates open

And we are deluged