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Can*Con 2018

I will be at Can*Con in Ottawa this coming weekend! I am excite. These are my scheduled activities:

Saturday October 13
Reading, Salon B, 3-3:25 – I'll read from the in-progress sequel to Substrate Phantoms, and a bonus as yet unpublished weird fable about an ice bear in a haunted forest. Followed by the incomparable Kelly Robson's reading!

Sunday October 14
Panel, Penthouse A, 1-1:50 - Beyond Romantic Entanglements– Every great story needs at least a romantic subplot, right? Novels, films, TV shows and even video games or plays often include character romance somewhere. Why does this seem to be so essential in our stories (spoiler: it doesn’t)? How can alternatives to a romantic relationship accomplish the same outcomes, and what works have done this? KT Bryski, James Alan Gardner, Jessica Reisman, Kelly Robson (Moderator)

I will otherwise be around and about and probably smiling my goofy big smile, because I will be happy to be there seeing my Alyx & Kelly & others.