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Love this stop-motion animation (also like the Shins song with it): The Rifle's Spiral. The artist also did the end credits of the Lemony Snickets movie, (with which I was obsessed for a while, as I think they are a thing of absolute brilliance and beauty). I want the magician and the rabbit for my birthday, please.

What Martha says here is true, women seem to get erased from history all the time--we also get erased, elided, and omitted from current reckonings of various achievement pretty regularly, too.

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Museum of Scientifically Accurate Brain Art (knitted braiiiiiiins!)

For a new year of peace and harmony:  How to Ground and Center

Awesome art with old books, Su Blackwell

Recently, the wonderful Caroline Yoachim ([ profile] carolineyoachim) brought over her equipment and took pictures of the art boxes I've made (the ones I still have). Here are some of the pictures, with more in the gallery, which you can reach by clicking on a picture, then up to the gallery.

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Breakfast yesterday with Phyllis, in town with her boy, four-month old baby Will, and the boy's delightful daughter Jade. (several of us had strawberry pancakes) After breakfast we went by the little gallery at The Opera House to see Twitter Box, a show of puppets and dioramas and miniature stage sets I'd really wanted to see. It was great fun, the show itself brought together by a DVD of the short films for which the sets, dioramas, and puppets had been made. My favorite one was the most recent, Sprout, for which I can only find these stills, which don't give you much idea of the magic, really. They were all quite engaging; the other standout for me was Les Malaventures de Zut-Alors.

Two batches of lovely rain yesterday, resulting in a beautiful evening, wonderfully cool for the second day of summer in Austin, and rainbowed.

I updated my website, and redid the layout here.

Neighbor B brought me flowers (the rejects from a bouquet for neighbor M, whose birthday it was, but still, how sweet is that?).

Visited briefly with other neighbor-types down at M's birthday party in the pavilion. Neighbor F told me she had read "The Bllue Parallel" in Hub magazine and really liked it. Nice.

Recent home improvement
*Installed cat door panel to balcony. So far, no actual cat use. I tried to give Sula a helping hand through it once. Won't be trying that again.

*There was a flier from a Chinese restaurant stuck in the door when I got home Friday, saying they will deliver. We have achieved Chinese food delivery! (whether it's any good is irrelevant--we have achieved the definition of urban)

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and there are a couple of detail shots in the gallery

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The windowart project. I'm pretty happy with it. Just need to rig some way to hang it.


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