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First, one for a story of my own, "A Thousand Wings of Luck," which appears in the Subversion anthology. Kay Holt gives it a very swell little review over on her blog, as part of a series of reviews of the whole anthology. An excerpt:

Without being heavy-handed, A Thousand Wings of Luck explores the interplay between faith and skepticism and invites the reader to take no assumption for granted. To question tradition and dogma, and examine superstition and the influence of interpretation upon the law. In its elegant way, this story also advocates for experimentation as both a threat to empty faith and the remedy for blind literalism.

She got it!

I've already posted about these books, but here it is again: The Cloud Roads and The Serpent Sea - wonderful fantasy reads.

Available near the end of March, Elizabeth Bear's Range of Ghosts, to quote my own earlier review, is epic and has "true brilliance and greatness of heart."

Pico Iyer's article, The Writing Life: The Point of the Long and Winding Sentence, is worth a read. Iyer touches on some stuff about language and writing that's near and dear to my heart... The point is certainly not that every sentence should be long, but that we need to make more room and grow more appreciation (as writers and as readers) for the long sentence and its unique and twisty power of revelation.

Lastly, food! For locals and visitors, from the current menu (don't know how long it will last) the winter root vegetable croquets over kale and a carrot puree/foam thing at the East Side Show Room is, oh, sooo good. I don't usually like carrots very much, but I snarfed every bit of this foamy orange incarnation. Follow it with the Show Room's pear poached in burgundy with whipped honey chevre and homemade biscotti. Glory.

To end as I began, with a self rec, here's the easy way I make really yummy baked tofu:

slice firm tofu into rectangle slabs about a half inch, or less, thick
line a cookie pan or toaster oven pan w/tin foil (otherwise known as aluminum foil)
put down some butter dabs or olive oil, soy sauce, & garlic powder
lay tofu pieces over this in one layer
top with more butter or olive oil, *soy sauce, & garlic powder  

*be pretty liberal with the soy sauce

cover loosely w/another bit of tin foil
bake at about 400 for 45 minutes to an hour

serve w/a steamed veggie

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Persian cucumber salad. Pan seared quail. Grilled peach on the side. This is what I had for dinner at the East Side Showroom last night. Okay? Okay.

After our fab dinner I showed my visiting friend How to Train Your Dragon, which she hadn't seen. Officially on the list of my favorite ever movies, I think. Then I started Naomi Novik's Tongues of Serpents. A dragonish evening. Then Tinker periodically lost his mind and meowed piteously all night long, which he does when I have an overnight guest, for at least the first one or two nights. I mean, piteously. Last time he did this I was worried something was actually wrong and took him to the vet. Stinker.

Between bouts of dayjob work yesterday, a good bit of work on Deep Terrain got done yesterday, and there will be more at writing date tomorrow.

Recently I wished there was a thrift store in walking distance from my loft; then I discovered one has recently opened less than two blocks away. And it is written of as the Austin-est thrift store in Austin. Will check it out at some point this weekend.

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Posted and deleted a tweet three times because I couldn't seem to spell 'psychedelic' right. Tweet was for this, Secret light show in the Arctic, a time lapse vid that's lovely, psychedelic, and hypnotic.

Was up at 4am fretting over my mom and step-dad losing their home (ballooning mortgage they never should have had), and, my mom being 79, her health in the face of the stress of the situation. Of course, 4am fretting does no one any good, and now I have underslepted brain.

Realized I had already put something I needed in the draft under cover of another something. That was probably the slepted brain that did that.

Made my first crab boil of the summer last night, corn, little red potatoes, asparagus (near end), and snow crab much mmm. Leftovers tonight.
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Back improved, but dayjob desk chair kind of frustrating improvement (torturing me, in fact). Luckily, I have the weekend to make all better before Monday's travel by air and car to the remote downeast Maine woods. Where there will be lake swimming and a hot tub. Plus lobster dinner and cherry cheesecake for my Dad's birthday. My brother asked if I wanted anything special and all I could think of was root beer floats, because Maine and summer in the woods=root beer and vanilla icecream, courtesy of my maternal grandparents, who considered that a necessary end component of each evening.

Other than that, I'm not paying much attention to this birthday.

Dinner last night w/lovely friends at the Blue Dahlia. New on the menu, a goat cheese, fig, carmelized onion and honey dijon sauced tart. Oh, yes, it was soooooooooo good. With a glass of vinho verde, which I've decided is a type of wine very friendly to my palate.

Someday I will finish this novel.


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Took yesterday off to spend w/friend K, who was in town for the weekend w/her fam. Given the weather and the need to keep the younger generation occupied, we drove through the fog up to Georgetown to go to Inner Space Caverns, which were pretty awesome. Kind of shameful that I've never been (especially given what good research it is for the current novel). I think I got some decent pictures; will post later if so. Really quite amazing in there.

We saw one of the tiny tiny bats that hang there, the eastern pipistrelle. Its fur was pale and almost leaf-colored in the brief brush of flashlight illumination.

After, we went for lunch at the Monument Cafe, which was yummy, particularly the grilled asparagus and the chocolate malt I had for dessert. I love malts.

In other news, my favorite new cheese is a goat cheese, Herve Mons Tomme des Templiers. Soooo good.

Everybody except me is tired of the rain; oh well.

mmm, food

Apr. 18th, 2009 12:21 pm
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Went for dinner last night with a friend in town just for the evening, on her way to the TIL awards thing today (she has a short story up for their annual award, go her!). We met, with some other local types, at a new place in my neighborhood (ironically, it was my friend, who lives in Atlanta and read about it, who suggested the place) called The Good Knight. It was wonderful!

Small menu, but if covers the ground for both vegetarians and meat eaters, with both meatloaf and a veggie-nut loaf, and everything we had was so freaking good. Plus yummy cocktails that weren't ridiculously expensive. Fried green and red tomatoes with an aioli were so perfectly done we gobbled them up and ordered more; the pate of the day was chicken liver and pistachio with grilled bread, also yum; salad with pickled shitakes and honeyed cashews; and a revelatory scalloped potato, turnip, and parsnip with goat cheese and gruyere, excellently seasoned. This food was effing good. My cocktail was a Pimm's Cup, Pimm's with cucumber and ginger ale.

And this place is a fifteen minute walk from me. I am quite gleeful about this.

The walk was fun, too; I got some light rain and the twilight was alive with birds. Walked by the old school bars with their doors open and a very Mexican feel, men yelling out at me (in my shlubby jeans, and oversized jacket, why?), a lady of the evening hanging out on her phone at the door of one...and then a block down, the indie-hipster colors of Rio Rita's, with its flower beds bursting with blooms just freshened by the rain. My neighborhood: change and diversity on the hoof.

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 Watched Everything is Illuminated last night, thanks to littlebirdblue’s recommendation. Loved it. It’s an awesome move, both hilarious and sad, very smart, and overall wonderful. Much highly recommended.
Last night I made mac & cheese with leeks and smoked chicken. I looked over a bunch of recipes and then made up my own, using a good bit of garlic in the thickened leek/chicken sauce, and smoked cheddar over the top for the baking portion; it came out most exquisitely yummy, though I suppose I might be tired of it by the end of the week. Anybody want to come over for dinner? I'll steam some broccoli, too.

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Had a quiet three-day weekend, during which I
·        worked on DEEP TERRAIN and “The Barkacharie’s Bite”
·        read Justina Robson’s KEEPING IT REAL (not finished, but enjoying it)
·        watched all six episodes of State of Play on the computer; excellent--so good
·        wished I could get some other BBC productions, like The Lakes and their 2002 Crime and Punishment…but alas, they are only on Region 2 DVD and I cannot find them elsewise
·        enjoyed the evening downpours—almost like clockwork, rain from the sky!
·        went out to Uchi for dinner with neighbor B; I crave the food there, it’s So. Very. Good.
·        played Scrabble online with [profile] planetalyxvia Facebook, which, as far as I’m concerned is the absolute best thing about Facebook
·        made [profile] spike21’s excellent chicken salad
·        also watched Hot Fuzz (eh, not nearly as good as Shaun of the Dead, but funny enough, I guess) and The Twilight Samurai (excellent)
·        danced alone in my room with a view (well, the cats were there) (and I do mean danced, with music, like, that’s not a euphemism for…anything)

In sum, a lot of media intake, very light socializing, restful and fun.
* * *
Two movies that look interesting, neither opening in Austin anytime soon, probably: Exiled, and Vanaja.
Not for my arachnophobia-afflicted friends, although there are no pictures of actual spiders, just an acreage spanning web system.
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My three favorite teas of the right now (all more expensive than a box of Celestial Seasonings):

Taylors of Harrogate Vanilla - this is my go-to morning tea (despite the fact that they rec it as an afternoon tea tea) about $5.99 for 50 bags

Mighty Leaf Orange Dulce - this tea is absolutely delicious; I have it some afternoons at work; at $8.99 for 15 "artisan" bags, however, a little pricey (the foil wrapped bags would be cheaper, but I haven't found 'em)

Noisette from - this tea is so very very good, especially in the even-time; I have [ profile] kelly_yoyo and [ profile] planetalyx to thank for this wonderful stuff, which is 'spensive indeed, (but worth it, I think--other teas at this company look very good, too)

There's a white peach tea from the old Celestial Seasonings I like okay, too. And I got a black current black tea from the tea room at an expensive Japanese department store in NYC that's very fine.

I also had an oolong at a cafe there, "wood dragon" oolong, which was excellent.


A recent news item says that research suggests milk in your tea "nullifies the heart-healthy benefits of the hot beverage."
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So, last night I marinated some chicken in orange juice, tamari, balsamic vinegar, garlic, salt and pepper, then put it in a cast iron pan with olive oil under it and a sliced-up pear on top of it, put a lid on the pan and cooked it over a low-med heat for just under 20 minutes. And it was delicious. I'm a genius.

Jobs applied for so far: seven

Still not a lot of writing getting done, but notes and more notes, and the pot's starting to simmer.

My sister sent me the following. I'm too lazy to check the archive and make sure it's true, but it's a good story. Though it's also the kind of story that makes me sad, 'cause the natural world is taking such a serious beating from humanity.

Front page story from the San Francisco Chronicle on December 14, 2005, about a female humpback whale who had become entangled in a web of crap traps and lines. A fisherman spotted her just east of the Farralone Islands and radioed an environmental group for help.

Within a few hours, the rescue team arrived and determined that she was so bad off the only way to save her was to dive in and untangle her, a very dangerous proposition. They worked for hours with curved knives and eventually liberated her.

When she was free, the divers say she swam in what seemed like joyous circles. She then came back to each and every diver, one at a time, nudged them and pushed them gently around.

Some said it was the most ingredibly beautiful experience of their lives. The guy who cut the rope out of her mouth says her eye was following him the whole time, and he will never be the same.
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A good weekend, despite the fact that I developed cold symptoms on Saturday afternoon. First cold in like five years--essentially since the onset of the scleroderma. I thought my out of control immune system was at least keeping me safe from colds. feh.

Nice lunch at Alborz with N before the onset of physical gurgh; Persian food, eggplant stew! sour cherry rice pilaf! the best tabouli in the world! the most amazing baked chicken! I mean, mmmm, okay?

Continuing on the subject of food, I made an awesome mushroom quiche yesterday, using several different types of mushrooms, criminis, oysters, shitakes, and two beautiful chanterelles. With gruyere cheese and shallots. mmmm. There's just something so lovely and satisfying about sautéing mushrooms.

Or possibly I was slightly delirious.

and so...

Dec. 31st, 2005 07:32 pm
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Fireworks popping off all over. Krackle, pop. Let's hope there's no fire this year. A long slow day at home for me, the air mild and sun-heated, breeze with some cool in it. Lovely. Got things done, with some nappage, some day-dreaming. Made the list of '06 writing projects and I'm pretty excited about them, raring to go.

Saw King Kong with Chad last night; um. It's a good movie, as everyone says, and was definitely a thrill ride, but the things that annoy me about the King Kong mythology still annoyed me. Essentially, I liked the movie best before ever they got to the island.

Opted out of my boss's pig roast (whole pig) dinner tonight and made myself risotto with hedgehog mushrooms--reminiscent of (but nowhere near as good as) the absolutely incredible risotto I had out at fancy dinner with [ profile] planetalyx and [ profile] kelly_yoyo in Vancouver. mmm.

As for Vancouver--blissful, basically. Rain, walkies, Alyx and Kelly, movies, scrabble, footrubs, snuggles, reading, yummy food, Alyx and Kelly, Kelly and Alyx, making art, meeting of the sweet peoples from the land of lj, [ profile] quite_contrary and her M-azing, and [ profile] wonderbadger and her [ profile] purplefuzzyfeet, Rumble and Minnow, the Dr. Who Christmas special...Alyx. Kelly.

A neighbor is having a dance party tonight, in my building even, which I say, hurrah--dance, get sweaty, and come home down one flight of steps at a reasonable hour. It's also her birthday, so now I'm going to make her a card.

Happy New Year, all; let's hope it's a good one.
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Lj is behaving very strangely; first all the lost comments coming out of the time dilation vortex, now entries appearing and disappearing. We're haunted.

Last night Eliz and I ventured out in the freezing rain to walk the three blocks to El Azteca, an old family run Mexican restaurant that has been around for many years (in fact, as long as Eliz and I have been alive). I can't really believe I haven't walked over before, cause I'd been to El Azteca repeatedly years ago and always loved it. It's like a Mexican diner, with basic, yummy Tex-Mex, and also a long list of vegetarian options. It hit the spot very nicely, and it's so nice to be able to walk to a place you really like.

When we got back I made hot chocolate using almond milk (goooood) and talked about many things.


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