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Some story and book things for the reading public:

Martha Well's The Serpent Sea, second in her Books of the Raksura series, is available for preorder on Barnes and Noble, Amazon US, Amazon UK, and I read an early draft of this and it's a wonderful, exciting, satisfying read.

Martha also posted a new story to her website, set in the same universe as the series: The Almost Last Voyage of the Wind-ship Escarpment.

In nonficitive land, Seanan McGuire is smart and impassioned about ebooks, books, and the question of poverty in Across the digital divide. I love my ereader, but we still need books, we will need books--and libraries--for a long long time to come.

Dayjob has been and continues v. busy, which is kind of sucking my soul--or at least my enjoyment of daily life--right out of me. Still eke-ing out a bit of fic in the form of story being written with the talented [ profile] impatientape, and another I seem to have been dragooned into, both of which have actual deadlines.

Oh for that time dilation thingummy, so I can have more time for lounging, dreaming, writing, yoga, meditating, and the enjoyable bits of life... I seriously don't get paid enough at the dayjob for it to be soul suckingly busy.

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Write lj posts.

Look at things that have passed beyond cute into supernaturally and absurdly, debilitatingly cute (such as this slow loris with a tiny umbrella).

Work on the new novel.

Work on a story being written collaboratively with a friend.

Do revisions on requested ms of second novel.

Eat a clementine.


Read things on the internets, or, as I like to call it, do research.

File your nails.

Check the time to see how soon you can go home.

Make lists.

Comment on friends' lj posts.

Have an email conversation.

Have a phone conversation.

Figure out what to make for dinner.

Read Serenity and Beasts of Burden comics on your iTouch.

Remake lists.

(full disclosure/disclaimer: I always get my dayjob work done, and done well, but jeez, guys, it's not natural to have to sit here all day when there's cats at home, spring a-greening outside, and movies to see)

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Michael Kelly has tweaked the guidelines for Shadows and Tall Trees, and reminds folks that issue 2 opens to submissions January 1.

A thoughtful, useful review of charity anthology Breaking Waves, which is available electronically for only $4.99 and definitely worth the minimal investment.

Short, entertaining interview with Camille Alexa, which also features a fun little contest to win her excellent collection, Push of the Sky.

I am at the dayjob all this week, by my lonely, and it's a struggle so far. I so want to be home, or out for a walk, or seeing a movie (but mostly, home, with the balcony door cracked to the scent of rain and the cats curled up around me.) Finding it very hard to get my head into the dayjob work of editing policy guides and technical assistance documents... A smidge of fiction has gotten writ, and for that I am glad.

But, arrgh, really, just arrrgh.

A beast walked in the forest. Its antlers were vast, tangled with snow and tales, flower vine and song. Long echoes of present moments breathed in its deep whisper and call, shaking trees and dreams as far away as reality, as near at hand as now. The frost and fragrance of its breath curled mists thought the night and lengths of golden light through the day.
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Back improved, but dayjob desk chair kind of frustrating improvement (torturing me, in fact). Luckily, I have the weekend to make all better before Monday's travel by air and car to the remote downeast Maine woods. Where there will be lake swimming and a hot tub. Plus lobster dinner and cherry cheesecake for my Dad's birthday. My brother asked if I wanted anything special and all I could think of was root beer floats, because Maine and summer in the woods=root beer and vanilla icecream, courtesy of my maternal grandparents, who considered that a necessary end component of each evening.

Other than that, I'm not paying much attention to this birthday.

Dinner last night w/lovely friends at the Blue Dahlia. New on the menu, a goat cheese, fig, carmelized onion and honey dijon sauced tart. Oh, yes, it was soooooooooo good. With a glass of vinho verde, which I've decided is a type of wine very friendly to my palate.

Someday I will finish this novel.


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Have had a couple of awesome friend visits over the past week and a day. Lots of fun, not enough sleep.

Took most recent visiting friend out for a bday dinner last night, to a restaurant that opened in my neighborhood a few months ago. My first visit; will not be my last. The food was so so good. Best meal I've had in a long time. The East Side Showroom is a kind of cabaret-bistro, and often has entertainments of various sorts along with their extensive list of excellent cocktails and locally-sourced menu. Anyway...dinner last night, we started with a plate of local cheeses, w/fruit, pickles and preserves made there, a chicken pate and a lamb one (which I didn't try, but friend approved). Then we shared two entrees, one off the menu, quail w/ a fig-orange sauce over pan-fried frites, and one of the specials, pan-seared chicken with grilled local peaches over a vegetable ragout. Both were so beautifully seasoned and just...mmmm.

We both had the very happy, contented glow one gets from a long, leisurely, very good meal.

Then we went home and watched Princess Mononoke while digesting. I hadn't seen it since it came out in theaters, and there was a lot I'd forgotten (mostly I remembered the kodamas and the beautiful forest, my favorite parts). Also, visiting friend brought me a glow in the dark kodama keychain from the Ghibli Museum in Japan. Whee! 

In other news, changes afoot at dayjob; one of the other editors just announced he's moving to a position in another division and our boss is stressed an angry...means the remaining editor and I will be swamped for the foreseeable, and boss editor will be groucheriffic. Um, yeah, can't wait.

In novel writing news...inching along, thank you.

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As it's cloudy out, I took a break from the office to go for a walk down by Waller Creek. What passes for a cool breeze was blowing (rain in the forecast), so it was (what passes for) nice out, this time of year here.

First I found a paperback copy, in good shape, of The Vampire Armand. I put it up on a stone wall and left it.

The water is currently an opaque milky green that I've never seen in Waller before. Despite that, I saw a beautiful long-legged, long necked bird in one of the grassy isles. I think it was a young heron of some kind. Then I saw a slender black water snake, describing smooth curves across the surface of pale green water.

Not bad for a fifteen minute break from the office.
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Because I find it quotable, said to me in an email recently by [ profile] planetalyx:

Perhaps this is why so many artists go mad... I always thought it was a combo of urban myth and self-indulgence, but perhaps the grind of being broke or working a day job or both when we're fundamentally dreamers makes us crack.

Personally, yeah. I think I'm cracking.

In other news, I want some matzoh ball soup.

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First of all, thank you again to everyone for good thoughts and wishes re Sula. They mean a lot.

Still feeling pretty gutted about Sula, and so not interested in being at the dayjob (yes, I know--what's different about that, Jessica?). But I'm sure it would have been better for me if I could have stayed home on the couch today with A-cat to write and be sad as needed.

I've developed a stye in my eye.

In other news, making notes and wading slowly into a new novel project, one I'm pretty excited about. Still into Deep Terrain and going to finish a draft any day, really... But it's good to have another project on the table to help me move along more smartly on the current one as well.

In other other news, we (that's the royal we) really need to get more exercise, dammit. Stupid dayjob.

Whiny rant, activate (you may want to avert your eyes): Things this straightjacket, have-to-be-in-this-office-this-many-hours-five-days-a-week effing job makes it hard for me do regularly: write, exercise, see movies. All things fairly essential to my health and sanity, thank you very much. Of course I also like having my nice loft and eating well and taking care of my one remaining cat and my own autoimmune-affected self, so, you know, I can't, like, quit. feh. Why couldn't I have been one of the smart, lucky people who have found ways not to have to have a regular full-time dayjob, like by having mates or being more successful as writers or...sigh.

Finally, I have to say another thank you to my friends and to the universe, for providing me with the actual physical presence of several of those friends over the course of the past weekend. They buoyed me greatly after Sula's death, just by being there, by feeding me, and with hugs.
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Some interesting bits on writing, and on writing for tv, from a working television writer, here. Note:  There are some spoilers there for Leverage, which, btw, if you're not watching, you should (if you like smart and adorable)--check out the little clip of teaser for the second ep of season two at the bottom of the post.

Considering shifting my dayjob hours for the rest of the summer, since I don't seem to be writing in the mornings before I come in much at all, but rather taking lunch plus a little extra for writing time. 8-4:30 instead of 9-5:30...I would lose some prime Aristotle cuddle time, when I have my leisurely morning tea and he takes over my lap; on the other hand, it's actually almost nice out when I leave at 7:40...hmm...not sure. Will ponder. (I know, this is scintillating, wot?)

Moving along on draft of Deep Terrain;  there will be a lot work still to do when the draft is finished, but I'm starting to be able to see the end, so, yay. Thinking a bit on the next novel, which I plan to bang out a lot faster, during NaNoWriMo; I already have a quite a few notes.

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Ugh. Facing the long hot summer here and the daily day job grind, and I really wish I could get out of Texas at some point, but between the money spent on Sula's vet bills and an upcoming special assessment of around $1400 at the lofts, is no can do. I will go visit my mom in Malibu in the first half of September, and it will still be freaking hot here, but that's so far away. And honestly, I just miss my mom and sister, and all my far away friends, so much.

I have two three day weekends in a row coming up, which is swell, but no getting out of town, no real vacation on the horizon at all. And at this time of year, everyone goes away so I have no one to do anything fun with anyway. I will just have to do fun things alone, and given the heat, I'm thinking this will be either movies or Barton Springs.

On the up side, neighbor B is slated to watch True Blood with me for the foreseeable, and it was fun to watch it with her last night (funny and awful is an awesome combination, go True Blood); plus she's fostering kittens for the next month, a long furred black bitty baby with the sweetest face, and a tiny silvery-brindley tabby who misses his momma something fierce (he cries unless you're holding him). They both slept in my lap yesterday afternoon.

In other news, I'm getting the feeling that my second novel, which is science fiction in the same universe as The Z Radiant, just isn't going to get me an agent at this point in time. Gonna give up on that in another few tries and just work on finishing the current novel, which is fantasy (and wicked cool, if I do say so, etc.) and might be an easier sell.

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Things which have amused me this morning:

This headline: Thieving dwarves cause supernovae, which is not actually about a Time Bandits-esque phenomenon, but a cosmic one.

The fact that Slave ants keep a taste for revenge.

Editing a document called Rider 19.

All of these things seem like they should be stories.


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Lovely day off. Home with kitties, no rushing off to job. Morning in pjs, writing (finally back to current novel), then reading stories for a crit session tomorrow. Played with cats (I really don't do that enough, usually we all just lay around). Also got some chores done. Then took myself off to a movie (changed into clothes first). Saw Fast and Furious (shut up!) and enjoyed the heck out of it, as I did the first one, though this one was even more cracktastic. Way better than a roller coaster ride. All kinds of great fun that should only ever happen in a movie--one of the things movies exist for, imo. Plus, kind of slashtastic and a very satisfyingly sentimental (in a fast cars, thieves, and mayhem kind of way) end. Stopped to foodshop and get my mother a birthday present on the way home.

Kind of a busy weekend ahead, and a doc appoointment at 8am Monday, so it was good to have this breather.

I recently observed on Twitter that Twitter is like short attention span livejournal, and that it's probably sad I now do more tweeting than journaling...

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I am, believe me, thankful that I have a job right now.

But the essential reasons why I struggle with having to have the day job at all still remain. I begin to feel so drained of life and light here, day after day, hour upon hour. I so long to crack the carapace of the daily schedule, the ugly office, the bad light, to crack it open to let real light, color, interest, the wonder of simple planetary life--my cats, wind, the scent of rain, of jasmine, or grass, tree shadows, mourning doves speaking, the green of Austin's monk birds, a walk to a store or through a park--in. And to let my own light and color and life out to meet it and engage with it.

If my day job had a meditation room, with pillows and quiet, or a courtyard with trees and a fountain, flowers and light, that would be more sane, more evolved. Western culture is so effing screwed up.

I guess it doesn't really help that I'm such a visual, sense-oriented person; my first day of first grade, I remember coming home crying because the classroom was so dark and ugly.


I did manage to put in some writing (revision, strictly speaking) time today, between day job projects; but by this time in the afternoon I feel so gray I can't find the...stuff...for the writing anymore. I want to be in a light and shadow hung bower with a loved one, listening to the sea or a stream, dreaming with the sun over my eyelids, my skin and senses imprinted with joy.

Went outside for a while, in the wind and intermittent sun, and that helped...some.
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Seven unsolved medical mysteries. Chimeras and tree men, oh my.

I fear I am frightfully droad*
which is not to say I feel like a toad
but rather to impart that
in my heart
I'd rather be a great many other places
than here.

*Jang slang from Tanith Lee's Don't Bite the Sun and Drinking Sapphire Wine

Got all what I'm mailing into the mail yesterday; packing and mailing stuff en masse has somehow become a chore I really detest. Almost as bad as taxes. I love sending people things now and then throughout the year, but the mass packing and mailing of the holidays, beh.

I need a manservant to do these things.
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Walked over to the courthouse from the day job to early vote yesterday. I find myself dreaming of a blue Texas. The voting traffic was brisk and busy. It's hard for me to understand anyone voting for McPalin, especially any woman. Seems an incredibly null-brained thing to do. But then, a lot of what passes for normal behavior seems that way to me.
Day job is v. busy. Trying to finish revising a story around the edges.
The eastern sky was a lumious, raggedly cloud streaked thing of loveliness this morning. But it didn't really rain.
Tell me something good?
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Back to the daily grind. My last two days of six days off were at home and included a lovely dinner out with lovely people--and glorious infused hot sake and Peking duck--and a screening of friend Maragaret's latest documentary, The Order of Myths. Really, really awesome film--well worth seeing. It begins a run at the Alamo South this Friday, for the locals (go see it!) and the DVD, with cool extras, like a section on the Osiris Ball, comes out in November or December. The Q&A with Margaret was of the edifying.

Beachy pictures to be posted this evening.

I meme, cause the pictures are pretty...


Read more... )

Take What Your Taste in Art Says About You Test at HelloQuizzy

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(please forgive me, oh friends who have no interest in this stuff, there's some other stuff after the asterisk)

A salient quote from this Salon article on the idiot's shithead's  asshat's speech last night (which I didn't watch, thank you; I'd end up smashing the tv and I like to watch other things on my tv--in fact I watched Criminal Minds after that and thought it very fine).

Most Americans know that the economy is in trouble, even if they don't quite grasp how close we are skittering to a major meltdown. But what makes some of us maddest is to think that the people who have benefited most from the culture of deregulation and hands-off government that are supposed to be the watchwords of the Republican Party will be the recipients of one of the greatest disbursements of government largess in history.

Yeah, I'd have to say I'm pretty angry. I'm not, in fact, scared at all. Just angry.
Anyway, that's all very boring, really. The sky was beautiful last night, with haunting colors lucent in the west until well after the sun was down, and the air smelled crisp and sweet in the early pre-dawn this morning. There's this older, white lab dog that walks with his or her owner in the early mornings, very well behaved and off the leash, while the woman's other, little dog, is leashed. The lab always looks up at me, just a sort of acknowledging nod. I love that dog.

I have the office to myself today, both the other editors out, which means at some point I will surely put on my iPod and dance around the room like a loony bird. There's a lot of jobwork to do, of course, but I hold out hope for a bit of writing time.
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Futurefood?  Blargh, is my opinion. Also, the name Dr. Lichtenstein, too perfect, really. hee. is a little overfull of interesting entries and links this morning. I think my brain may explode. Then I wouldn't be able to edit the incredibly boring document I have to edit here at le jobbe.


In other news, as an observation on the state of the writer self, I appear to have given up trying to find an agent. I'm sure this will cycle around eventually and I'll give it another go...maybe.


We appear to have been released from summer, lows in the 50s last night, in the 60s well into the morning and early in the night, highs only touching on the low 80s, and feeling cooler, really. No rain, though. The change in weather equals more cat cuddling, which is always nice.


You know, if you wrote a political farce about the things going on politically and economically in this country right now, it could not be more farcical or bitterly, pathetically, over the top than the reality.


Sep. 12th, 2008 04:12 pm
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Stayed home today; body all achy from the previous four days stuck at my desk at the job, feeling brain burned and tired beyond the physical...I hit a wall, in other words, and just couldn't make myself go in today. Could not. The schedule just really gets to me sometimes.

Happily, this allowed me, once I felt sufficiently rested, to get a good chunk of writing-related work done.

Weekend plans include possible movie-going, getting together with some friends, and a one-year bday party for P&C's little guy, Jake. Plus the usual chores and writing time.

And, hopefully, some rain, which would be a good thing to get out of the otherwise not generally welcome coming of Ike.
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'Lost Towns' Discovered in the Amazon
and, extra yummy:

Noctilucent Clouds.


Three day weekend. Oh yes.


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