Aug. 21st, 2006 11:27 am
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Well, still no definitive word on any of the jobs. I can barely bring myself to apply for anymore at this point, or at this particular moment, anyway.

Three story rejections over the weekend, and one 'can we hold it for another two months, please, while our third tier of readers has a go at it?'

Yeah, okay universe, whatever.

Meanwhile, wordage happening on new novel, which, big old yes, more please.

Went to a matinee of Little Miss Sunshine yesterday with M; very very funny, very quirky, feel-good indie movie. By the end I was really laughing hard; very much needed, that. I do love movies, and seeing them in theaters.

Finished The Privilege of the Sword. I didn't love it quite as much as Swordspoint (which I consider a nearly perfect book) but I did love it plenty. Ellen Kushner, rock on.

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ArmadilloCon done. ArmadilloCon good. Me tired. NIce people. A couple of possible job contacts: good. Bought books. Sold a couple copies of The Z Radiant through Adventures in Crime & Space.

Job interview tomorrow morning.

That is all.
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I don't think I ever reported that the Space Squid release party was great fun, and the readings were a blast. I even had my own posse, as four non-sf world friends came and made a lot of noise for me. Plus, a couple of folks really seemed to like my little free-writes and actually gushed about them. So, that's cool. The whole thing is supposedly going to be podcast at some point. I'll let you know.

ArmadilloCon is this weekend. Here is my schedule:
Meanwhile, the jobsearch continues; phone interviews, two face-to-face interviews coming up, neither for jobs I'm particularly excited about, but there it is. Plus 'assignments' to complete for one of the face-to-facers (i.e. hoops! to jump through!)...there is stress; bad thought litanies; crying in the night. But it seems fairly inevitable cause it's, you know, stressful.

I may not be the life of my b-day celebration tomorrow night, but it'll be my party, so I can cry in my tequila if I want.
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Nice and cloudy this morning, with a coolish breeze, the sky dark with impending rain off to the southwest. The sky makes promises which I hope it keeps.

Got pretty grumped and melancholy yesterday, result of too many job apps, I think, and some fear and angst. So I went out to the grill night in the evening, ate of some lovely foods (salmon grilled in sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic, and chile sauce, mmmm, and some pablano chicken enchiladas someone brought, and the asparagus I grilled in olive oil and kosher salt) and let the lovely evening breeze and the billow of swallows against the twilight mellow me.

The new novel, for which I currently have too many tentative titles, is starting to happen. I wish I was one of those people who blazed ahead with impressive word counts day by day, but I am not.

I seem to have social engagements Thursday through Sunday, and possibly tonight. How strange and uncommon. Although I arranged one of them myself, which is to go see this movie on Thursday night. Do my East Vanners know of this? (warning: the link is probably worksafe, but the word porn does appear)

Popular wisdom is that networking and contacts will get you a job much more often than applying to jobs on websites, but I started with the networking and so far it's yielded nothing viable, and I don't want to pester my friends and acquaintances a third I'm left with the less than rewarding jobsite mining. 

job mojo

Jul. 5th, 2006 08:54 am
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I'm about to apply for a job I really want, so everyone think good thoughts for me, k?
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Well, adjunct teaching interview went fine; I'm in their 'pool.' They have a lot more interviewing to do. However, unless something came up to supplement the position, it would not really be realistic for me. Not quite enough money on its own, but a very large committment of hours--too large, probably to fit a benefit-eligible 20/hr a week job in with it. And there's simply no benefits with the teaching. And with the sclero, well, I need to have health benefits. Also, only Fall semester is assured, and even if there was a class available in the Spring, it wouldn't pay as, meh.


Progress on the revision, though, and I can see the end, halle-fucking-lujah. I will be so happy to be working on something new.

I really want to see some movies, A Prairie Home Companion, District B13, The Proposition, before others open that I want to see, but there's no one to go with who hasn't already seen them...oh well.

Sunshower while I was riding the bus down to the interview yesterday. Much pretty.

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It's raining, I'm actually making progress on the revision (yes, I gave myself an ultimatum, but then Sunday writing hours didn't happen and there was progress on Monday, and I took it back), and this evening is our first yoga class in the lofts pavilion, and this first one will be free. This is all good.

Hoping I like the teacher because a yoga class couldn't get much more conveniently located for me, in my carless world. Plus the classes will only be $10, which is good as yoga classes go. Having regular yoga practice in my life again would be a healthy thing for me.

I have an interview tomorrow for adjunct teaching at St. Edward's; apparently they liked my resume and cover letter.
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Dark morning of gentle rain, streetlamps wreathed in halos. As I rode the bus, the rain became the thick, soaking sort. Such a relief to me after even a couple of days of the loud and brutal Texas sun. Quite a downpour by the time I got to campus and work.

Switch to summer writing hours not terribly smooth, as per. Yesterday afternoon I gave up pretending to write and took a nap. Also, I don't mind getting up early, I do it fairly naturally (with help from two cats sitting one on either side of me staring until I wake; paws will be applied if it seems to be taking too long), but I hatehatehate having to rush about getting my shite together to leave by a certain time. I was born for leisure, really, for the slow and langorous morning sliding gently into productivity. The forced march of the regular day job hours makes me terribly grumpy and miserable. Of course, at the moment, the early in to work is self-imposed, because of the heat as the day progresses, and I can leave of the early and, theoretically, write for several hours in the latter portion of the afternoon...

While writing is feeling somewhat theoretical, I did apply for two jobs yesterday, sent "To Be Warm" back out after the sad demise of Flesh & Blood left it homeless again, had a meeting with my employee liaison at the university to talk about the 'special consideration' program that I am eligible for as an employee whose job (and the center where it exists) is being eliminated, rather than being fired. She kept harping on how I could be a UT temp if I didn't find something before the end of August. *shudder* Big help, lady, thanks.

One of the jobs I've applied for is to be an adjunct teacher of writing and English at St. Edward's, a private university here...really had to plump up the somewhat limited teaching experience I've had. Not an ideal job, since there wouldn't be insurance, but I figure I need to throw out the feelers wide and see what they get. The other job is another f/t at the university, a writing/editing job, but f/t. sigh.

Beh. Feh. Wah.

Had dinner with M last night at Azul; Mediterranean tuna melt in the back garden; they also make a nice cannelloni "hummus" served with beautiful plump snow or sugar peas and carrots. The friend contact, hugs, and convo were really really good, and needed. Needed just as much as food.


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