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96plusK and I have typed fin on the first draft of DEEP TERRAIN. Revision to follow. But, whew, and yay!

In celebration, here are some Maine pictures:

000wwq3e  (tried to put these behind a cut, but it won't take; sigh; sorry)


brother & sis-in-law's mouser extraordinaire, Curious:










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Notes from a week in the woods...

Brother's large garden provided a bounty of salad veggies, lettuces, beets, green beans, good.

My dad shuffles around with his cane. He's had some cognitive loss, but he's still in there. He's very intent on food; he enjoyed our lobster meal immensely. But the biggest smile he wore all week was when we got him to use his walker (which he is not resigned to using yet) to go outside in the deep dark night to see the star-heavy, Milky Way swathed sky and spot Perseid meteors with us. He announced every one he saw. (To be fair, we all did.) We saw quite a few. No northern lights, though.

My nephews, both in college, one a classics major who's making extra money doing translations of ancient Greek philosophers, the other in his first year as a government major, were lovely. They and my sister and I all discussed how much we love The Daily Show, and how we were all fans of John Oliver, in addition to Jon Stewart.

Swam in Cathance Lake (the lake on which the lake in my story "When the Ice Goes Out" is based), used the hot tub, stargazed, napped, and read, in addition to spending time with dad and going into Machias to check out the veterans' home he's on the waiting list for.

Read Gail Carriger's Soulless, and now reading Changeless (b-day presents); really enjoying them.

Excellent dinner alfresco with sister in Portland Friday evening, at King of the Roll. I did most of my undergrad in Portland, and I still really like it. A small, lively, arty city, with buildings of a nice age; there's always a scent of salt in the air, with gulls coming up into downtown from the port.

Some pictures from the woods and my sister-in-law's flower garden. A few more if you click up to the Maine gallery.







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Brief sojourn out of the deep woods at the university campus in the bustling metropolis of Machias. (ahem)

The stars last night! No moon up, so dark out there, the sky was just heavy with little lights, the milky way, and meteor streaks. Serious awe and wonder. So beautiful--and something I never see in Austin. The Maine woods on a moonless night are one of the darkest places, nothing to distract from that great sparkle studded sky.

Brother and sister currently swimming in univ pool; then we're going to look at the Veterans' home here, which is where my father might go to live at some point, though he's doing mostly okay at my brother's currently.

We had lobster last night, which were acquired the day they were trapped, at boat price, $3.50/pound. Maine is really the only place to have lobster.
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Here I am in the woods in Downeast Maine. Very slow (dialup!) connection, so I'm missing a week of posts. I'll try to check back through when I get home this weekend, but if I miss something important, nudge me.

Is beautiful and lush here. Lake swimming, hot tub with an attendant hummingbird bzzzing among the many flowers on deck. Woods deep and full of secrets. Heavy rain last night, sunny and hot today. Lobster tonight.

Family. A mixed bag.
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Back improved, but dayjob desk chair kind of frustrating improvement (torturing me, in fact). Luckily, I have the weekend to make all better before Monday's travel by air and car to the remote downeast Maine woods. Where there will be lake swimming and a hot tub. Plus lobster dinner and cherry cheesecake for my Dad's birthday. My brother asked if I wanted anything special and all I could think of was root beer floats, because Maine and summer in the woods=root beer and vanilla icecream, courtesy of my maternal grandparents, who considered that a necessary end component of each evening.

Other than that, I'm not paying much attention to this birthday.

Dinner last night w/lovely friends at the Blue Dahlia. New on the menu, a goat cheese, fig, carmelized onion and honey dijon sauced tart. Oh, yes, it was soooooooooo good. With a glass of vinho verde, which I've decided is a type of wine very friendly to my palate.

Someday I will finish this novel.



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