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Poem by Patricia Lockwood, The Rape Joke.
Pretty much sums up the situation. PSA on "Gynoticians"

That was the heavy, here's some light.

Snippet from Martha Well's upcoming new Raksura novella.

Sweet & Salty Roast Chickpeas

What I like abut this trailer for the long delayed 47 Ronin movie, is that, stylistically, it calls back to one of my all time favorite Hong Kong movies, A Chinese Ghost Story, and that makes me happy. A little iffy on the white guy (Keanu) hero, but still.
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Thankful, indeed I am. For beloved friends and family, A-cat and S-cat, and, currently, a pot of Rishi Golden Yunan tea, a piece of toast w/butter & jam, and some time to write.

Here's what I will be making and bringing as my small contribution to what I have no doubt will be an amazing meal cooked by the wonderful Maureen McHugh later today:

Creamed Carmelized Onions

(all amounts approx--I'll be tripling these amounts)

25 small onions (pearl-type)
1 tbls butter
1/2 cup white wine
1/2 cup chicken broth

the liquids should come to half way up the onions in a large cast iron pan

bay leaf
pinches of thyme and salt

simmer for 25 minutes covered
cover off, boil off most of the liquid (this takes longer than you think it will or should)

1 cup heavy cream

bring to low rolling boil for a few minutes until thick (this, in my experience, actually takes more than a few minutes)
add a little white pepper at the last minute
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Another thread for consideration in the inextricable tangle that is nature and nurture: Two studies show that a mother's early environment can be passed on to the next generation.

Also, cows that are named and given some personal attention have increased milk yields, up to 500 pints a year. To which I say, well, duh. Why are humans so dense?

This post from Victoria Blake, guest blogging at Jeff Vandermeer's Ecstatic Days, is worth a read, methinks.

Lentil-feta-broccoli--an easy, one pot, pretty healthy dinner:

One box of lentil or lentil rice pilaf, follow directions on box.

Add some chopped up broccoli to the pot for the last eight to 10 minutes of the pilaf's cooktime.

Once it's done cooking, stir and add in feta, as much as you think right.

Optional: also cook up some turkey bacon, chop, and add that to the mix. (this increases the pots to one pot and one pan)

Yummy. And leftovers for lunch (if you're a party of one--otherwise maybe not).

I had three stories published in 2008, but I am not throwing my hat in the Hugo nomination request ring. However, if you want something fun to read, "Flowertongue" is still there for you, at the inimitable Farrago's Wainscot.
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Here is the recipe for mushroom quiche I've been using.

Note: I haven't been making the crust from scratch, but using ones from Whole Foods or Central Market, and the quiches have been yummy.
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as requested by [ profile] kelly_yoyo

about 25 pearl onions (I like the yellow ones) (this is a very rough estimate--I always make more) peeled but whole

a tablespoon of butter
1/2 cup white wine
1/2 cup chicken broth

bay leaf
pinch of thyme
pinch of salt

1 cup heavy cream

basically the white wine and broth should come to halfway up the onions in a large cast iron pan or pot; add the butter, bay leaf, thyme, and salt now, too

cover and simmer for about 25 minutes, then take the cover off and boil until some of the liquid is boiled off

add the cream and bring to a low, rolling boil--this part will take a long time; stir it a lot and basically cook it until it starts to thicken and the cream to brown just a bit

add some white pepper at the very end


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