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In other news, for those not FB or Twitter compliant, story sale! Rick Klaw has kindly accepted "The Chambered Eye" for inclusion in Rayguns over Texas, the official Worldcon 2013 anthology. I will be added to an already impressive ToC.

In other otherness, reminding myself: I don't congratulate people so they'll thank me; if they ignore me while thanking other folks, that's no reason for me to take any bad feeling to heart or to feel any less generous or friendly toward them or anyone else. Be generous of spirit because you're the one living in this skin.  

(this smidget brought to you by an ongoing attack of the rabid insecurities, which are as ridiculous as they are mean)

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First, sale! Pleased to say that my story "Boneshadow" will appear in the second issue of the very cool Phantom Drift.

Second, more stuff about the Avengers...this pair of articles looks at the treatment of Black Widow in both the movie and by major critics in their reviews of it.

This article is just right on the money.

This one has some interesting points (it goes into some consideration of other things, like the HBO show Girls, and kind of explains why that show doesn't work for me--I'm not a fan of cringe humor, of any stripe, I guess). (Myself, I don't agree with this article about replacing Ruffalo or Johansen.)

I think Avengers is structured so that Black Widow is central to the film's motion; I also think Scarlett Johansen's performance was so quiet that this slips by a lot of people. I'm of two minds as to whether that's a plus or a minus. But I actually think it was purposeful and that Joss pulled off a subtle bit of sleight of hand with this movie (which is why I'm kind of obsessed fascinated). Rather than being up in umbrage about a girl sullying their action superness, Black Widow's centrality to the clockwork of the film slid right by a lot of critics and viewers, never really standing out to their conscious minds that it even happened. But it did, and maybe it got into the collective subconsciousness, snuck behind the wall on the tide of the movie's awesome--right into that sanctum where the real superheroes have always been men and women are just sexy decoration.

It's no accident that the non-super powered heroes on the team, Black Widow and Hawkeye--and Ironman, who without his suit is still pretty human--are the emotional heart of the movie's action and arc. And Banner, who is human when not hulk, is a close second. There's not really that much emotional arc for Thor or Captain America, one of whom never was and one of whom truly is no longer human.

Yes, I am waxing slightly academic on a super hero movie.


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