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Often I really don't agree with offical venue top ten lists; it's a subjective thing. My criteria for the best of lists below is enjoyability, lasting impression, and heart.

Best films of 2012:
The Avengers
The Hobbit
Cabin in the Woods
Beasts of the Southern Wild
Moonrise Kingdom

Best television of 2012:
Game of Thrones
Doctor Who
Christmas special
The Legend of Korra
The Walking Dead

(...and the Snow, Emma, Mulan, and Aurora all-together-in-the-woods-with-swords scenes on Once Upon a Time, though not the rest of the show)
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First the frivolous: One of my favorite things on Supernatural is the running visual trope of the motel rooms the brothers stay in all across the country. Here's a sampling from season three. In seven seasons there have been so many amazing motel sets on that show. As illustrations of the liminal space these monster hunters inhabit, they are brilliant. 

In case you read my blog but otherwise have nothing to do with SF or nerd culture, you should read John Scalzi's Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is, and then maybe Meghan McCarron's follow-up commentary, Game of Privelege. What I appreciate about what Meghan says is that it takes the issue to a wider application, that is, people like Mitt Romney, who have no earthly clue in the world that being rich doesn't make you more virtuous or deserving than people who work twice as hard as you for far less reward. The paragraph in Meghan's little essay that really says it for me:

All too often, Straight White Men do not see that their setting is easier, and they assume that those struggling against bigger challenges are simply poorer players. At first this is innocent - the Straight White Men are focused on surviving the game themselves, after all. They didn’t design it. But the “easy” setting’s invisibility breeds arrogance, not the humility necessary to acknowledge that you’re “winning” the game because a. the game is easier for you and b. the game itself is designed to benefit you most. The fact that privilege robs us of empathy and humility is nearly as poisonous as the advantages it brings, because humble, empathetic people would not gleefully skip through difficulty while leaving others to suffer.

And I'm just going to say it again: trickle down economics DOES NOT WORK. Giving rich people and corporations a pass and the keys to the kingdom has not and will not help anyone but the rich people and corporations themselves. As far they're concerned, the rest of us can go hang.

The only 'personal freedom' it's about for them, is the personal freedom to (both metaphorically and literally) rape, pillage, detroy, and take every good that they can for themselves, the rest of us be screwed. These are not the people I want running this country or any other. They are not people who deserve or earn my respect. They put nothing good into the world and are, manifestly, only set on their own gain. That is not okay or good or admirable.

(I considered, a little while ago, not putting anything political on any of my social media outlets anymore, but I feel injustice too strongly and I just can't shut up about it.)

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When I was a little girl, up through my teens and on into adulthood, I was obsessed with legends of knightly loyalty, cameraderie, and adventurous, honorable service to a deserving, beloved figure, such as King Arthur. I'm not obsessed these days, but the little girl is still there.

Occassional interpretations of these tales with women in the roles of the knight have appeared over the years, but by and large, it was me imagining myself in a traditionally male role.

(spoiler for Game of Thrones below)
So this past Sunday's Game of Thrones scene with Brienne and Catelyn, two strong women, swearing fealty to one another--made me so so happy. I almost cried, I was so moved.

I can't think of a single other time I've seen that scene, the trope of fealty sworn, with two women, in a movie or television show. And I'm not sure I can come up with more than a couple from books, either. 

I love the Arya content of Game of Thrones, too, of course, but that's been moving so slowly (torturously), and I haven't read the books, so I didn't know the Brienne and Catelyn scene was coming (or if it's in the books, but seems like it must be) and it's like this amazing gift, all these years later. So, thank you G.R.R.M. and HBO.

More, please.
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Working through edit letter revisions on Substrate Phantoms, which is mostly weaving in more threads of back story for one protagonist and working on his arc. Feels like delicate work, at this point in the book's life.

Can I tell you how happy I am to be doing it? So happy.

Took a mental health day last Friday and had a three-day weekend with very little socializing or interaction with other humans. This was wonderful for the first two and a half days and then the Eeyore thought loops revved up. I don't have to elaborate, do I?

Finally, the all important subject of TV. Have given up on Grimm, characters way too uninteresting. I need a protag to be interesting and engaging before the life-changing revelation thing happens to him or her. Still watching Once Upon a Time...for now. The back and forth between worlds and time frames gives this some energy, and the characters were more engaging from the get-go. Am, over all, finding this season's new shows less than whelming. Though I'm looking forward to the return of the Primeval cheesecake Saturday.

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World Horror Con this weekend, and I'm looking forward to meeting some folks and hanging with some folks and having a good time with writerly peeps.

I'll be one of five reading at the Broad Universe rapid fire reading. Relevant specs:

Broad Universe RFR - April Grey, Leadie Jo Flowers, Stina Leicht, Jessica Reisman, and Camille Alexa.
Friday April 29 - 12:00-1:00 PM

Very cool previews of fantastic fiction from five brilliant women.
Chilling glimpses of deeply weird worlds and wild plunges into dark imaginings.

Random observations on Game of Thrones:

Arya, the wolves, Bran, and Peter Dinklage are the very best things about it for me. They're what will keep me watching, along with the looming threat of actual supernaturality from beyond the wall.

I find the trope wherein any man that's slightly effeminate--that is, slender, blond, a bit effete--is evil, odious, or otherwise bad news, really tiresome. It plagues a lot of fantasy.

On Doctor Who:

Woohooo! is mostly all I have to say, except this: I find it really hard to buy/believe River Song's description of her and the Doctor's opposite passage through time relationship within the context of the narrative reality we've lived through with the characters thus far. It just doesn't compute for me.

Still, wooohooo!

This has been an odd April for me; I've had some simply fantastic news about which I am just beyond happy (which I will share when official things are made official). At the same time, healthwise, my ass has been well and truly kicked and I am just exhausted beyond exhaustion, worn down and overwhelmed to the point of crying several times a week. However, we picks ourself back up and gets back to it. It's what we does.
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Over on Favorite Thing Ever, Alyx waxes praiseful about, among other things, Texas Monthly, and specifically, the excellent Pamela Colloff, who writes amazing in-depth articles that seek, largely, to shine a light on miscarriages of justice, forgotten victims, and ongoing states of injustice. What real investigative journalism is supposed to do.

Also, [ profile] kormantic posts about Flight of the Conchords there, too. And I second that emotion--I love Flight of the Conchords and reccommend it to anyone who likes funny, off-kilter, kind of gentle weirdness, with bonus bouncy/off-kilter music numbers.

Two cases of gadget fail lately, which I recount briefly for the edification of all: a Sanyo 2700 phone (to which I downgraded because I didn't want internettiness on my phone anymore) drops the sound from phone calls after a few seconds, even though it shows the call is still connected. Hello? Hello? 

And a Clear iSpot, which was supposed to provide WiFi at work and elsewhere to my iTouch. Fail fail fail, even after hours communicating with their tech people. Do not believe Clear's promises of ease and clarity of connection. Nope. And the fault is definitely their's.

I do love my iTouch, though. I just can't get online at the dayjob on it, which was partly the point, since dayjob blocks some sites, like YouTube...

I'm currently rereading a beloved gothic novel of my childhood, Mary Stewart's The Ivy Tree. Over the weekend I finally watched The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, and, though it's flawed, I enjoyed it a lot. I love that dark weird circus/sideshow stuff so much.

I promptly looked for and found a way to make the little puppet theater that features at the end of the movie.

I gave myself last Friday off for a long weekend, and it was a good one. Lots of words on DT written, several naps taken, much cat content and walks in the gorgeous weather. Yay!
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So, not too thrilled with the new television offerings--in fact, not watching any of them. Tried The Event, completely slid off its silly surface both of the first eps. As for the returning shows, House and Criminal Minds haven't been dumped....yet. The only things I'm really into are The Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock, and Supernatural (eta: and Glee! now could I forget!). Looking forward to AMC's The Walking Dead. If Justified comes back I'll watch that. Raising Hope I had hope for--Martha Plimpton--but, eh.

Maybe I'm just getting old. Get offa my lawn, ya damn lousy tv shows. Most of what's been advertised and touted doesn't even appeal to me--quite the opposite, actually. Lonestar??! Blegh.

Just finished Lauren Goff's The Monsters of Templeton; there's some lovely to the book, and it did keep me reading, but the lit'rariness of it, and the underlying grad school style problems and problem solving of it...meh. The best thing about the book was the lake monster Glimmy. I come running back to more honestly SF/F literature, Kraken and another Laini Taylor book, Lips Touch Three Times (as recced to me by the superb [ profile] camillealexa). It's a relief, somehow.

Two vids I liked this morning (with links instead of embedded, since YouTube is blocked at dayjob):

Here, Okay Go doing a song w/shelter dogs to raise money for homeless animals, very fun and yay:

And [ profile] kaz_mahoney posted this vid, on How to be Alone:

Speaking of the latter, gets longish )


and so...

Jun. 15th, 2010 11:12 am
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Just a few things...

Michael Kelly posts that he's pulled "Apparitions," the Shirley Jackson Award-nominated anthology that I edited, from Amazon. There are only 10 copies left here with me. If you'd like to purchase one, please drop me a line. These will be the last 10 copies. The book will not have a second printing. 

An excellent anthology (see Shirley Jackson Award-nominated), which includes a very short story of mine, "Incantation."

True Blood hit the ground running and I was very happy with it. Most fun I've had watching a television show since Buffy and the brief joy of Firefly. Wheee! Eleven more rip-roaring southern gothic fueled hours of awesomeness to go.

Speaking of awesome, I am reading advance copy of M.K. Hobson's The Native Star--I can't do a real post about it yet, but you guys! It's wonderful and I love it. I can't wait until it hits shelves and other folks get to read it.

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Paws and Effect is raising dollars for Blind Cat Rescue, which rescues blind cats slated for death at shelters. Please consider giving a buck or two.


I have given it quite a few chances, but I just don't like Stargate Universe. Everyone is dour, unpleasant, and unkind, the stories are murky, it has no real muscle, only pretend muscle. Whatever it's trying to do, it is not doing it for me. 

I do, however, like Justified, which is well written, interestingly shot, and puts Timothy Olyphant back into his Deadwood mode, with an Elmore Leonard update.

And Supernatural continues to be one of the best shows ever, (that most of you never watch).

ETA: also, In Plain Sight has more awesome older women featured on the show than any other single drama I can name. It almost seems more like a British than an American show. Plus all those women talk together about all kinds of stuff other than men. It's pretty awesome.


Leaving, on a jet plane, tomorrow in the early, for to visit with my mom, who just turned 78. I think she's in better shape than I am. She swims every day; I just had a bad muscle spasm in my lower back. Wheee!

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Some interesting bits on writing, and on writing for tv, from a working television writer, here. Note:  There are some spoilers there for Leverage, which, btw, if you're not watching, you should (if you like smart and adorable)--check out the little clip of teaser for the second ep of season two at the bottom of the post.

Considering shifting my dayjob hours for the rest of the summer, since I don't seem to be writing in the mornings before I come in much at all, but rather taking lunch plus a little extra for writing time. 8-4:30 instead of 9-5:30...I would lose some prime Aristotle cuddle time, when I have my leisurely morning tea and he takes over my lap; on the other hand, it's actually almost nice out when I leave at 7:40...hmm...not sure. Will ponder. (I know, this is scintillating, wot?)

Moving along on draft of Deep Terrain;  there will be a lot work still to do when the draft is finished, but I'm starting to be able to see the end, so, yay. Thinking a bit on the next novel, which I plan to bang out a lot faster, during NaNoWriMo; I already have a quite a few notes.

some things

May. 6th, 2009 09:13 am
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Go Maine!

Why do American television and movie peeps insist on remaking excellent BBC productions featuring the wonderful, scrappy John Simm with Beefy Actors of Far Less Appeal (BAFLAs)? Without John Simm, what's the point, really?

Awesome gay anti-hate youtube collab (not work-safe):

Question for smart-phone users: will a smart phone with internet get the internet at my day job, independent of the workplace network? (technology dumbness, yes, I has it sometimes)

It's kitten (and puppy) season at the Austin Humane Society; please consider donating something to help them out with the overload of tiny, amazingly cute, furry life:

More news soon. Watch this space.
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It's very silly, but Supernatural, which was my #1 show for brainless, cracktastic fun for years now (the Hardy Boys on acid!) is now making me very unhappy. But I can't stop watching the train wreck. Poor characters. Poor show dynamic that was once solid. wah.
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Happiness meme, Day 3 -

Today the sun made me happy, sleepy cats made me happy, and getting everything on my to-do list done with evening time to spare made me happy.

Even though the sun was lovely today, I'm about ready to do some rain dances. It needs to rain. The car's owner will be here next week and it's all dusty and I don't want to take it to a car wash. ahem.

Television PSA - Leverage is a great, fun show. It's braw, dude.

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Large Hadron Collider rap.
I quite liked the premiere ep of True Blood. I can't read the books, because the writing, well, no, but as I suspected, it works as tv very nicely; of course it helps to have a director like Alan Ball behind the wheel, and I like Anna Paquin a lot. First show I've actually been excited about in a while.
In other news, oy, crikey.


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Haven't seen this posted, though I may have missed it. For the airship lovers: Why Fly When You Can Float.

Dear Universe, the rain showers and 15 minute drenchings have been swell. Keep it coming. lots of love, j

I'm finding The Middleman to be great fun. I might need to check out the comic series it's based on. Last night the Middleman observed that hunters were serial killers of animals. And Wendy's art is awesome.
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Weird Texas; life imitates gonzo, sink hole opens and swallows trucks and stuff.

 More platypus
(as requested).

I should be ashamed that I enjoy Supernatural so much, because it's really pretty misogynist...but as I just told [profile] spike21, how can I resist such lovely Hardy Boys in near constant gnarly, supernatural peril, alternating with lots of angst and some good black humor...honestly, it's the most riveting 45 minutes of television I watch these days.

Okay, maybe I'm a little ashamed. 

I don't mind live music--I like live music--at the cafe at the lofts, even if it goes late on a school night; but I really can't stand drum circles. And the drum circles have found our cafe's outdoor plaza. I felt like I was in a Tarzan movie last night and the natives were restlessly planning a big cauldron of dinner.
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I seem to be soaking in a lot of Jewish-themed media of late, through no particular design of my own. Read Joann Sfar’s The Rabbi’s Cat, then Michael Chabon’s Gentleman of the Road (awesome and excellent and I loved it—Jews with swords!); and now I’m reading Chabon’s The Yiddish Policemen’s Union,  which I’m also really enjoying. It’s fascinating and engrossing alternate history, and the argot and cultural depth of the temporary Alaskan Jewish homeland he imagines is as thick, transformative, and difficult to get into as any good spec fic world. He’s just a joy to read, really.
Meanwhile, I’ve been watching The Jewish Americans on PBS, which has, likewise, been pretty good so far.
I’m considering giving my Dad a copy of The Yiddish Policemen’s Union and saying, see there, mainstream speculative fiction! Quit asking when I’m going to write something serious! Only I won’t yell at him.
In other news, very cold and rainy in the early dark this morning, but, unfortunately, a degree or so shy of giving us ice or sleet, which might have blessed us poor office shclubs with a four-day weekend. Oh well, I’ll take the three-dayer.
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Austin used to get this sunset phenom known as the violet crown; not sure if it still really happens. But last week on my way home there was a lovely violet tiara in the northwest; smoky violet along the horizon with a layer of redder violet above that, all nicely fretted with a lace of bare tree branches …
Avatar: The Last Airbender—just gets better and better through books two and three (books equaling seasons).
Apple pie is really good with a slice of sharp cheddar cheese. I have both at home. Yum.
Anthology Builder looks interesting—I like the idea for the same reason I like iTunes: I rarely like a whole album or a whole collection and find picking my own faves and making my own collection very rewarding.
An ASIM rejection of my story “A Thousand Wings of Luck” included this reader feedback:
I can't remember the last one I rated so highly. A breathtakingly
beautiful piece full of fantasy, philosophy, characters who are vibrant and
even surprise in the plot. Wonderful.
Which kind of makes me not care about the rejection. Thank you, anonymous reader—you rock.
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Right hand and wrist have really been hurting, aching with stiffness, and sharp pains, very sharp sometimes—like there’s shards of glass in there, dude; just another scleroderma thing or what, I dunno.
Left eyelid is red and somewhat swollen.
My skin is hi-larious, with red spots and little splotches and strange pigmentations and scar patterns where no wound has ever been.
Getting old and having a weird autoimmune thing is crap, I tell ya.
On the other hand, I was quite a miserable youngster (except when I was a baby and toddler—I’m told I was very happy and cheery then); I’m much happier as an adult.
N gave me a Bollywood dance exercise dvd and I likes it.
She also gave me this amazing Dead Sea minerals buffing block (I’m unclear on where in the block the Dead Sea might be) for my nails and it is miraculous in that it makes my nails look all shiny and clear polished-like just from buffing.
Favorite book read so far this year (courtesy of gift from [profile] planetalyxand [profile] kelly_yoyo), The Rabbi’s Cat.
Writing Projects for 2008:  
If television becomes nothing but reality shows, talk shows, and sports, I will have a very easy time giving it up. I have a fellow editor here at the dayjob who is a very nice woman; she writes plays and now and then throws out a quote from Jane Austen...but she loves reality shows. I have told her they are the devil, but she just won't listen.

In other news of no consequence, I've been watching Avatar: The Last Airbender on dvd, courtesy of C, and it is awesome.

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The New York Times waxes philosophical about Heroes.


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