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Have begun work on a new novel, one I’ve been writing around the edges of, and finding the heart of, for years. I have a couple of stories related to it, published here and there. This is exciting, and scary, and, um, exciting. Also, for reasons of dayjob, I am back to writing my first draft longhand—which I have  not done for a long time—and finding it kind of awesome. The words poured out this morning. While who knows how many of those words will ultimately be part of the final draft, the pouring out of words is a splendid thing. They’re even going into some pleasing configurations. Language and story working together is a kind of bliss. It is not always thus.

What should I offer to any possible pledgers to my efforts? I will take suggestions, but for now, sponsor me at three dollars or more and I’ll write you a brief description, with origin, of one of the many strange creatures that will ultimately populate this book (among a number of human creatures). You can even request a characteristic or two.

Par exemplar:
Lemonstone: A rabbit-esque creature the size of a pony, with multiple, replaceable sets of ears. Named for the look and smell of its shit, Lemonstone originated in the dream of a 10th century Persian child who would grow up to be a poet. Lemonstone is getting old now, and often wonders where its flying ears, that could harness the wind, have disappeared to.

Just let me know here or on FB. For my sponsor page, go here or, if that doesn't work, go here and search for Jessica Reisman. (the direct link to my sponsor page wasn't working, but it's there) 
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Win not one, but two books from Beth Bernobiche, both QUEEN'S HUNT and PASSION PLAY. For details see here

A snip of Clarion West Write-a-thon words for you:

“Are you protecting someone, ‘zam Faist?”

“No—it’s…” Faist shifted. “It makes him sound like he was going mad, like there was some defect in his workings.”

“Do you think he was?”


Rusk gestured, feeling the old man’s loss, anger, and fear through the sensors in the carvings on his arms. “You knew him. I’ll reserve such judgments—and anything you can share may help to uncover his murderer.”

“It was about two months ago, not long before his deviser died, Sirin had begun to feel…haunted by something...stalked, he said.”

“By what?”

To reiterate, if you pledge some small amount in support of me, let me know and I'll send you an interesting art post card with a just for you little flash tale on the back.

Still working on the regular blog schedule may never be precisely regular, but I'm kind of an irregular, so that's probably just fine, right? Right?
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So here I am, getting my Clarion West Write-a-thon words in the face of a road trip with teenagers and busy busy dayjob, working on a story that's my first attempt at a murder mystery ever! and that is also a new genre I'm calling steamnoir! and has anyone even pledged to support me using the easy-as-pie donation button at my Write-a-thon page? No, the answer is no. 

Sad writer is sad. 

Speaking of the road trip--two cities in four days! Three museums, one zoo, a pool, an audio book of Watership Down, two 14 yr old boys and one 12 yr old girl!

Memphis: Lions and tigers and bears (mostly sleeping)! Elephants and pandas and lemurs! Komodo dragons and cheeky lizards! Statue of Bast w/kittens! Also, more seriously, the National Civil Rights Museum is amazing and gave me chills over and over.

Chicago: You probably know, the Art Institute has a lot of the famous paintings you've seen in pictures all your life, but never in person. It was wonderful to come around a corner and be face to face with Hopper's Nighthawks, Seurat's A Sunday Afternoon, a Dali or a Magritte. Also, they have a really swell selection of Cornell boxes. And we ate lunch in a garden by a fountain with the resident duck keeping us company. And then the Museum of Science and Industry, which had a Mythbusters special exhibit going on, and has a cavernous huge room filled with hands on storm science stuff--lightning making, tornado making, soundwaves, wind machines--very very cool.

And I finally got to see Colleen Moore's fairy castle, which I have loved since I was five and found a book about it, in the real:

There will be pics from the trip in a later post. (above pic is not mine; castle is displayed in very low light)
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Swimming in the story place; happy. Here's some snippet from today's write-a-thon words:

When the neighborhood marshal came to call, Rusk was in the garden, planting heliotrope seedlings. Behind and below Ayatta’s stone townhouse, down a precipitous set of steps, the garden was a wild, deep green oasis, stone pools with fountains, unruly flowers, and a small orchard forest. The house shedu spoke in Rusk’s head to tell him of the visitor and he stood, brushing soil off his loose clothing as Marshall Luin came down the stairs.

Support will encourage me in further happy.

Goodreads ARC giveaway of Tina Connolly's upcoming IRONSKIN:
Jane Eliot wears an iron mask.
It’s the only way to contain the fey curse that scars her cheek. The Great War is five years gone, but its scattered victims remain—the ironskin.

Also! One Ear Back, a story from Tina, up at Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

Have I mentioned I'm on Pinterest?

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From today's progress on a short story, "The Phrastic Wing":

On the chill, wet air she heard music: low and somber but sweet, like a slow dissolve of sugar on the tongue. It seemed to come from the birch woods, that stretched away, all around the house. From everywhere and nowhere. She started to say something, but then the music emptied from the air; the others did not seem to have remarked it at all.

Donate at my Write-a-thon page if you're so inclined--or support one of the other writers, see the impressive list here.

(Clarion West rocks and the scholarship fund is what allowed me to go, way back in 1995.)

Also! I've finally redone my website, still at I eventually want a more lovely, artistic, organic site, but this is made free with the app offered by my domain host, and at least now it's up-to-date and update-able. There's some new content on it, if you're interested.


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