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Technologies of Writing at the Ransom: The highlights for me, beyond the cuneiform and other ancient forms, were an Edward Gorey manuscript page, with an unpublished poem scrawled on it amidst illustrations of an entirely Gorey nature; Poe's writing desk and the long scroll of his original ms of one of his stories, which he wrote that way so that there wouldn't be any mistakes in the printing, getting pages out of order; a tiny page with tiny tiny writing on it from Charlotte Bronte's original ms of her story "The Green Dwarf," written so small that it's theorized she did it with a swallow feather.

There was also an amazing custom built writing chair, which, while comfortable and useful looking, reminded me somewhat of Marat in his bathtub.

Then S and I went across the street to Cafe Matisse and had some nourishment; it was actually cold and blustery out. Altogether, most satisfactory.

The Leo horoscope for this weekend is entertaining:

Your Weekend: The Full Moon in your sign, coupled with the alignment from Venus to the Sun, is the celestial equivalent of a cocktail of mind-altering drugs. It's like drinking half a bottle of absinthe and chasing each shot down with a double espresso whilst in the middle of a course of muscle relaxants. That may be enjoyable if you have nothing important to achieve, no situation to remain sober and responsible for - or if you need to communicate intelligently to anyone. Otherwise, watch out this weekend and get others to watch out for you. You're about to go on a high!

And it's not far wrong, judging by my mood this morning. I've been singing to the cats, to the tune of I'm So Pretty from West Side Story:

I've got kitties
I've got kitties and kitties and looooove!
And they're kitties, such adorable wonderful fluff

etc. (see the silly cat in the mirror there--what cat, where?)
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