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My mom's 80th birthday was lovely, and I'm glad I got to be there, but the highlight of the weekend was helping a northern elephant seal pup get rescued. My participation was looking up the number, talking to the rescue people and then sitting on the beach for an hour and a half with the pup, as instructed, to keep other people and dogs away until they could get there. The rescue people did the heavy lifting (seriously heavy)--and the path down and back up from that beach is not easy. My mom doesn't go down there anymore.

Kid of an awesome outcome, since when I first saw the pup I actually thought it was dead. But no, just conserving energy.

Other than that, here's a bird:


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Had a good, relaxing time in Malibu, beach walks, hot tub & pool, and talking/just being with my mom (also, having delicious healthy food cooked for me, such a luxury); then a lovely afternoon, evening, and morning visiting a friend in her new Culver City digs and talking a lot about writing and story in various forms. She cooked me a yummy dinner and we watched Red Riding Hood and while, yes, it fails--particularly in the matter of casting, egregious casting--it had some redeeming qualities, we thought, chiefly its art direction and in that it tried to do some weird, different things (it missed and fell on its face, but it tried, and the intentions and gestures of that effort were interesting).

Very tired and rather full of sad, for various reasons, on return. But all is well.

There are only nine more days of the Clarion West Write-a-thon, only nine more days to sponsor me or some other lovely writer. (Also, eek there are only nine more days for me to finish this draft!)

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Short report from the beach: Ocean still here, still awesome. Great huge pelicans sweeping the waves and groups of very big seagulls hanging out on the seawall staring out to sea. Crows and little brown birds. At five in the morning, wake to fall of dark sky filled with stars and the surging sound of the surf.

78 yr old mother still doing pretty well; made the best corn chowder ever, plus other food. Will hot tub and swim this morning with mom and sister. Weather perfect.

Wish you were here.
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Paws and Effect is raising dollars for Blind Cat Rescue, which rescues blind cats slated for death at shelters. Please consider giving a buck or two.


I have given it quite a few chances, but I just don't like Stargate Universe. Everyone is dour, unpleasant, and unkind, the stories are murky, it has no real muscle, only pretend muscle. Whatever it's trying to do, it is not doing it for me. 

I do, however, like Justified, which is well written, interestingly shot, and puts Timothy Olyphant back into his Deadwood mode, with an Elmore Leonard update.

And Supernatural continues to be one of the best shows ever, (that most of you never watch).

ETA: also, In Plain Sight has more awesome older women featured on the show than any other single drama I can name. It almost seems more like a British than an American show. Plus all those women talk together about all kinds of stuff other than men. It's pretty awesome.


Leaving, on a jet plane, tomorrow in the early, for to visit with my mom, who just turned 78. I think she's in better shape than I am. She swims every day; I just had a bad muscle spasm in my lower back. Wheee!


Sep. 11th, 2009 06:13 pm
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Just a small batch of pictures this trip. I finally captured my mother in her natural habitat:

Click on that one and up to the gallery to see the others.

I have a short video with some brief glimpses of the baby whales at the beginning and near the end, along with a very large pelican, but I've never tried to upload a video to my lj and I'm not sure how...

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Regarding the refused ad for Crossed Genre's LGBTQ issue (I am late to mention, but I was on vacation!), tacithydra has an excellent round-up of links on the issue here. Personally (and shallowly) I don't see how anyone could reject an ad with such awesome art, which was, incidentally, the cover art for issue #7, which has my story "Our Lady of the Mantilla" in it. 

Regarding that vacation, I will post some pics tonight-ish. But to sum up: beach, sun, cool breeze, sweet air, I saw baby whales!!!!, pelicans, rest, rest, rest, walking, swimming, hot tub, scrabble, good food, lots of love. Priceless. And extremely lovely and rejuvenating. I am full of yay and thank you.

Regarding other things: rain! loft reassembled into liveable space! cooler mornings!
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Just back from a long walk on the beach; watched several very happy dogs playing in the surf. Today has been lying on the porch in the sun with the ocean breeze on my face, reading, giggling with my sister, Scrabble with mom and sis, more lounging about on the porch...oh, and it started out with hot tub and lap swimming in the early morning. Apparently there's going to be Crab Louie for dinner (one of my mother's slightly modified for no dairy or wheat recipes). Then another walk on the beach, since low tide is around 6.

Listening to the ocean last night around sleeping: mmmm.

In short, glorious. Feel quite gleeful in the relaxation of my being.
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A few of the pictures from Malibu...more in the gallery. Beach, beach things, sunset, sunrise, and a few mammalian critters.


Oct. 18th, 2008 08:29 am
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Last morning of this visit. Malibu has had uncommonly warm weather (always with lovely cool breeze off the ocean, though) these last three days, very clear and sunny and bright. Supposed to be the more common morning fog rolling in today; right now it's still pretty dark out, but I can just see the pearl and gray striations of cloud in the western sky over the ocean. Boom, crash, hiss. The tides have been high in the night, and very low in the evening. At this time of year, the beach here is largely tumbled with boulders, stretches of sand in between. In a few months, the ocean brings more sand back and covers a lot of the boulders to make more beachy beach.

Have walked on beach, hot tubbed, swum, eaten yummy food not prepared by me, talked with my mother a lot, driven her a few places (and then she drove, just to prove to me she still could), loved on her and Andy's two cats (Peanut and Poppy), and gotten a little work done on revising a new story. Pretty blissful, really, if rather lazy.

I love the way the air feels and smells here. Almost like the smell and feel of rain, without the rain. (I couldn't live here, though--it just doesn't rain enough.)

Will post pictures for the beach and sunset over ocean deprived when I get home, tonight or tomorrow, since I'll probably be pretty wiped tonight.
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Okay, have been given the all-clear and am off to Malibu! Soon I will post of beaches and...whatever else goes on.
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So, I'm supposed to go to Malibu tomorrow morning, a flight getting into L.A. in the early a.m. With the wild fires, though, and the current warning to stay off the freeways in effect for Malibu and Ventura, which covers the far northern end of Malibu where my mom lives...I'm not entirely sure whether I'll be going now. My mom said this morning that the wind isn't blowing today (at least where she is) and it seems clear, but she'll call me tonight... I guess it's good I used air miles for this ticket and it didn't cost me much.

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I direct you to [profile] carolineyoachim's post here, for a visual of one of the things my weekend included. A nice weekend, with lots of good (and healthy) eating, some socializing (I also saw Chad and baby Jake for lunch at Mr. Natural's), obligatory chores (have to empty the sink of dishes at least once a week ya know), and napping. There was some writing, too, though it's slow. All good, but man, I need a solid week at home without dayjobbage, just to be able to sink into writing and also feel properly human again. Weekends are seriously, seriously, too short. Like, I would have liked to go to a movie (Iron Man), as well, but there just wasn't enough weekend in the weekend. 

Non sequetorially, the crows in Malibu are freaking HUGE. 
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Went to the Getty Villa yesterday; the grounds and gardens and architecture, gorgeous. And some interesting art in this exhibit, plus some cool griffin factoids in one of the permanent exhibits. Then a long walk on the beach at low tide. Mm, the ocean. The beach.

Ar one point a young woman passed us along one stretch of the beach carrying a vacuum cleaner; at our curious looks, she explained that her sister lived just down the beach from her and they shared the vacuum.

For the SGA fans among you: my step father's newest client is one Joe Flanigan. He has a place in Malibu. Andy spent the morning out there Friday, doing some work, and Joe called him here in the afternoon. "Hi, Joe," I heard. Today Mr. Flanigan is having a party at his place.
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On my way to Malibu for a mom-visit. At the last minute my sister decided to go, too, so yay! Plus, I’m going to get to visit with a friend I haven’t seen in 10 years, as she’ll be in Pasadena visiting her bro. Family visit, friend reunion, beach, hot tub, a trip to the Getty Museum, and work on Deep Terrain. Them’s my only ambitions.

Received my contrib copies of Otherworldly Maine yesterday. It’s beautiful. Sharing a toc with the likes of Stephen King, Edgar Pangborn, Gardner Dozios, Elizabeth Hand, Melanie Tem, and Mark Twain, among other very fine authors--I win! Ahem, I mean, I’m really honored. This looks like an awesome anthology.  

You can preorder your very own copy here. It's a trade paperback, and not expensive, and seriously, otherworldly Maine!


Apr. 26th, 2007 07:28 pm
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A few of the recent Malibu pictures. More in the gallery.

ah well

Apr. 22nd, 2007 04:08 pm
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Into every vacation a little angst must fall, I guess; especially if your vacation is in reality a visit with family.


Anyway, beautiful day today, warmest yet, sunny in the morning, then a mist (or fog, I suppose) soft and cool in the air, heavy and grey in the canyons. Lovely when one is in the hot tub.

Watched Volver. Not my favorite Almodovar, but a good movie. And that Penelope Cruz. Hawt.

Tomorrow morning, homeward bound.
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Rain on the beach! Fairly rare event here, and sister and I went for a walk this morning at low tide. So. Beautiful. Took lots of pictures, but didn't bring the connector to upload. Starfish and mussels and urchins and more...

Meanwhile, that tax refund deposit hasn't shown up in my account and after a long time on the phone with Gwen in customer service, it's still not there and she's supposed to be resolving it and calling me

Back to your regularly scheduled vacation. Rain! Beach! Lovely.

Also, I'm very blessed in my sister. Last night we talked and giggled until late, down in the dank downstairs, in the sofa bed that smells of mildew, cheering each other up about that fact...I brought a travel candle (bergamot and lime) for that very reason; there were some hijinks coming up with a lighter for it, then it flickered and mostly undercut the mildew smell...then sometime in the night, the power went out (which apparently happens when it rains in Malibu, for some bizarre reason--I mean, we're talking slow, gentle rain, not storms); immediately some piece of Andy's radio show equipment started beeping. I'd put the candle out a while ago and it was quite pitch dark. Cindy stumbled about for the lighter, lit the candle, went under a desk, eventually made the beeping stop. We giggled a lot throughout. All very entertaining.


Apr. 19th, 2007 04:44 pm
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Watching the Pacific as I type. Seen on first beach walk this afternoon, sand pipers, gulls, a cormorant (I think), pelicans. Have hot tubbed once. The drive out here from Burbank, through Kanan Dume canyon, very lovely.

Can't seem to access Andy's wireless on my laptop, but he's very kindly letting me use his. However, expect my comments on posts to be spotty at best.

eta-yes, it was a cormorant, fishing in the waves. Also, none of us could remember at first what sand pipers were called and my mother said, it's the name of a film, about China...I quizzed her, an old film? Yes. It took me a while, but that did eventually retrieve it for me.
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Not the newest news, but still, smart dust, cool beans.

In other technology news, I managed to feed my tax return check into an ATM machine that then told me the transaction was cancelled yesterday evening. Last year the check was direct deposited; not sure what I did differently this year that it came in the mail. Customer service at the credit union assures me the deposit will be properly credited to my account despite surly malfunctioning machine behavior.

Miles to go before I sleep tonight, in terms of busy here in yobland, determined to scratch out a little on Deep T. in between that busy-ness, and lots to do tonight before I catch the airport shuttle before the crack o’ dawn tomorrow morning. I always find leaving, and preparing to leave, stressful; and the cats are generally very offended at the appearance of the suitcase. But once I’m at destination, sister and mother content, beach and hot tub…these are good things. Flying into Burbank instead of LAX this trip, which is new for me. Will meet the sister there, flying in twenty minutes after me, rent car, and head for the beach. Wheee!
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went something like this:

The ravens that seem to like to hang around mom and Andy’s place in particular made a lot of raven noise.

Up early every morning for hot tub, then swimming in the pool, the mist rising like smoke off the water in the light. As serious swimmers, my mother and sister both wear goggles and bathing caps, and I really meant to get a picture of them.

On the third day, time slowed, moments passing like quiet rain on a window, or honey, drop by drop.

Many walks on the beach were taken, early, late, and in between. Things seen:

one lone pelican skimming a handsbreadth from the sand along the beach, while large seagulls took the morning air on rocks bared by low-tide…

many terns (and they were the birds that flew around us that first afternoon, not gulls; the gulls here are much bigger birds)...

one big pelican flying with a group of terns...

alligator lizards slipping to higher rocks as tide comes in...

deep chested waves glittering and churning into the rocks...

doggies! on the beach! plus surfers and other strange life…

high tide instead of low tide for a change of pace: intense, high waves, much spume on the sea wall and rocks, exciting; we just sat and watched it for a long while, at the top edge of the beach on a little sand seat…
Other activities engaged in:

scrabble with mom and cindy…three games, we each won one; puzzle of words…saline, quod, up up urn, oxen wane fez…

went out to a movie with everyone--the first time my mom’s gone out to a movie in years and years…so good to see her rallied and healthy; she looks good…

I was given an iPod for my birthday!  An iPod!!! Not only that, but it's a video iPod. I am spoiled. I watched a downloaded ep of a television show on the plane, then listened to music and was insanely pleased by my new ability to do so.

many walks during which many flowers were admired and the allysum growing up the hill below one of the condos filled the sea air with sweet scent...

more scrabble, more hot tub, sunset and fog watching, reading, and listening to the ocean ocean ocean…

my mom made many good meals, but the best one was the last night: roasted red pepper and cauliflower soup with corn bread custard and a big salad...

I took a lot of pictures and will post some soon.


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