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First, a post I heart, combining a meditation on daily routine and appreciation of life by way of some novel writing process from the Sunburst-award winning A.M. Dellamonica. Plus a gorgeous example of one her photos of nature. Yum.

Second, today is book day for Beth Bernobich's Passion Play from TOR. She talks about the book here; you can read a preview here, and find a glowing review, here.

Had buckets of hail in the night. Scaramouch and Tinker: Halp! Halp! Fire! Flood! *run around in circles and bang into things* Poor wee-brained teenage kitties. Aristotle was in bed with me, not particularly fussed, though alert and keeping track of all the racket--both atmospheric and catly.

Happily there was some rain with the hail.

Dayjob has been busy, which puts a crimp in my writing progress, but the words continue to accrue...slowly. Maybe it's more of an accretion...

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Lovely kind of rain this morning, beading everything with light; temp around 45, and didn't feel too too cold. I would have loved to be able to go for a long walk with my camera, but alas, I am here at le dayjob. I can't hear the rain, or smell it, but at least we have a window.

While I'm not a fan of resolutions I did think of something I really want to work on in the coming year: not being sad--or feeling left out of the club in which I was supposed to be--that I'm not one of those writers, even after so long (and though I'm apparently a pretty good writer), who can say "my agent" or "my editor." I don't want to ruin my day that way every other week anymore. I'd like to do this without having to give up reading blogs and tweets.

Other than that, two other thoughts with which I'd like to go into the new year: Keep writing with my heart, mind, and spirit fully engaged. Live with love and humor as much as I can. 
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Took yesterday off to spend w/friend K, who was in town for the weekend w/her fam. Given the weather and the need to keep the younger generation occupied, we drove through the fog up to Georgetown to go to Inner Space Caverns, which were pretty awesome. Kind of shameful that I've never been (especially given what good research it is for the current novel). I think I got some decent pictures; will post later if so. Really quite amazing in there.

We saw one of the tiny tiny bats that hang there, the eastern pipistrelle. Its fur was pale and almost leaf-colored in the brief brush of flashlight illumination.

After, we went for lunch at the Monument Cafe, which was yummy, particularly the grilled asparagus and the chocolate malt I had for dessert. I love malts.

In other news, my favorite new cheese is a goat cheese, Herve Mons Tomme des Templiers. Soooo good.

Everybody except me is tired of the rain; oh well.
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Pretty walk up from the bus stop to work with the rain poppling on my umbrella and the glazed streets and sidewalks. The trees all seemed happy, their bark full of color.

Now if only my freaking body would start working again.



Jun. 30th, 2009 11:13 am
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Thanks to [ profile] chrisbutler, I now know that two of my stories published in 2008, "Flowertongue" at Farrago's Wainscot and "When the Ice Goes Out" in the anthology Otherworldly Maine, received honorable mentions in Gardner Dozois' Year's Best Science Fiction. It's nice to be mentioned.

We can has rain, thank bloody hell. With thunder and lightning.

Architecture and neuroscience considered together (in a NYT book review), interesting stuff.

Slow progress continues on Deep Terrain.

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Sula kitty report: vet thinks it's probably either irritable bowel thingy, or, possibly, a tumor. We're trying some stuff, and will do an ultrasound early next week, and will see. I have anti-nausea meds, a probiotic, and am picking up an antibiotic later this afternoon. She got more fluids, too.

In other news, rain! So much yay! It is apocalyptically heavy heavy, flooding rain. Drove home from vet w/Sula in it; very exciting. Now she's hiding away; Aristotle, not afraid of getting a little damp apparently, is watching it at the balcony screen door.

Feel bad for my neighbor who was going to have a big clothing swap/drinks/swimming b-day in the lofts pavilion and green space today. There's a big ole plastic pool out there in the downpour, and she and her b-friend are sitting huddled together in the pavilion with bags of clothes, twinkling xmas lights, and drink makings.

But not bad enough to wish it wasn't raining.
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Happiness meme, Day 6 -

Woke to the sound of rain.
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Happiness meme, Day 4 (yesterday) -

Afternoon spent with awesome women talking story, then eating fantastically good food and talking all kinds of things.

Happiness meme, Day 5 -

Cuddling in warm bed (with cat) on cold morning.

It is very grey out; oh universe, please send the rain.

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Happiness meme, Day 3 -

Today the sun made me happy, sleepy cats made me happy, and getting everything on my to-do list done with evening time to spare made me happy.

Even though the sun was lovely today, I'm about ready to do some rain dances. It needs to rain. The car's owner will be here next week and it's all dusty and I don't want to take it to a car wash. ahem.

Television PSA - Leverage is a great, fun show. It's braw, dude.

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An ode to one of my favorite things, this short film, While You Were Sleeping, and its soundtrack are a lovely and soothing three-minute respite. From the blog entry in which it's embedded:

The sound of a heavy rain is three-dimensional, the sum of millions of individual droplets, splashing to earth with surprising volume.

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Passing on a link  snurtched from [personal profile] beth_bernobich. This blog article on Why Film Schools Teach Screenwriters Not to Pass the Bechdel Test, and the associated comments thread, is worth a read.
There was thunder, and rain! Which I could only see from my office window, but still, yay rain! And hey, yay window!

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You know, if we could make all the animals really small, then maybe they could survive in the tiny patches of wilderness we're willing to cede them. World's smallest snake discovered.
Apparently Otherwordly Maine is shipping ahead of the scheduled September release, 'cause I got an email from my sister-in-law saying she received hers. She reports that she liked my story very much, and felt right at home reading it, which makes sense, since the lake and woods in the story are based on the lake and woods where she and my brother live (and where I lived for a couple years).
Temps in the triple digits last few days, and forecast that way for the week. Oh universe, please please, rain.
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Haven't seen this posted, though I may have missed it. For the airship lovers: Why Fly When You Can Float.

Dear Universe, the rain showers and 15 minute drenchings have been swell. Keep it coming. lots of love, j

I'm finding The Middleman to be great fun. I might need to check out the comic series it's based on. Last night the Middleman observed that hunters were serial killers of animals. And Wendy's art is awesome.
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Wild, windy, and wet this morning; thunder storms with heavy, drumming rain in the night. Please to picture me with a happy expression.
Yesterday I heard a bit of Prairie Home Companion while I was out doing errands and Garrison Keillor was talking about why some people like rain. He talked about the wildness, the uncertainty of it. For me, it’s that rain speaks to all the senses with so much beauty; it makes music, it smells good, it feels good, clean and fresh, it plays with light—turning headlights into watery gems across car windows, glazing sidewalks, beading the air. And it changes things—turns streets into rivers, skies into paintings. It’s transformative, and full of possibility, making the mundane mysterious and opening hope up within it.
Which is a thread running through most, if not all, of my fiction.
Going to get to see friend K and her fam this weekend, for the wedding of another friend—one to whom she’s closer than I am, but I got invited to the wedding, too, and I’m glad to be going. Taking Friday off to hang with K some.
Working on the short story I started in Buffalo, leaving the others in progress languishing; trying to keep at least a fingertip in the novel, too, so momentum isn’t totally lost.
Honestly, people who write a story in a day or two (other than flash fiction, of course), even a rough draft, amaze me. Of course, generally that is their day job, but still. I’m not sure I could manage it even if fiction was what I did all the day long. I think some people’s minds are just tidier and more obedient, or disciplined, than mine. Or something. It's not a matter of not sitting and doing the writing when I can, which, mostly, except while at the day job, I do, it's that, for me, stories have to grow in my mind and out of the language itself, and the plot is seldom plain and simple to me. Maybe I should work on more straightforward plotting...nah; because that's part of the richness and the joy to me, complexity and surprise in a story that grows organically from the language and characters, the world and its images.
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Thunder and lightning in the night, and, eventually, rain, loud and thick. 

Unsleeping, I wrote the following, which may find a place in Deep Terrain:

Thunder barked, the Stormdog roving. Lightning splashed. Rain followed, itself thunderous.

The Stormdog, childstory said, had climbed out of a great chasm one day long ago, a canine of leviathan proportions. HIs eyes are rain, his jaws implacable as death. He runs in the dark of cloud, worrying at the world with sharp teeth and playful shakes of his shaggy head.
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Rain this morning. Much rain, poppling on umbrella, making rivers of the streets. Sky so dark. Lovely.

Have resolved to be so personable at WFC that lack of programming will not hinder any self-promotionary efforts. Also, to make some kind of spiff self-promotion tool. Perhaps a free-with-purchase alternate book cover for my badly dressed but fantabulous novel, THE Z RADIANT. And maybe stickers or, golly, business cards. (though I need help with those because I've never liked any of my own efforts)

H said, very kindly, (and I paraphrase) 'that's like not programming the young Stephen King; they'll be sorry.'

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Thunder, lightning, rain and crazy hail in the mid of the night. I staggered from bed to stand at the balcony screen door (like a moron, I suppose, since the thunder and lightning were hitting exactly together) and admire it. It was admirable.

That's it. Nothing else to see here. Move along.


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