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So, as I watch my lovely book sink into obscurity, here are some reader reviews of Substrate Phantoms to make myself feel better, since apparently it doesn't merit reviews in the critical key venues, or enough notice or attention to get on any best of lists or summer reads lists in major publications, which, frankly, breaks my heart. *Shakes fist at people ignoring my beautiful book.*

But I am very thankful to those individuals who have read it and said very best-of kinds of things. A sampling:
Oh, yes. Jessica Reisman definitely writes my kind of science fiction. The kind which includes wonder. 

I also particularly enjoy novels about life in a particular place, whether a space station or a starliner. What it is like to live in such a culture....
I also enjoy good worldbuilding. This book is full of not only a richly detailed world but complex well-developed characters who I was sorry to let go. (Sequel, please?) I particularly enjoyed her use of language. This culture has its own slang but there was enough context and enough that reasonably could be extrapolated from today's world that I was able to keep up smoothly.
Substrate Phantoms has it all. A well-told tale and a very satisfying read indeed. I highly recommend Substrate Phantoms to all who enjoy speculative fiction and have not lost their sense of wonder!
- Margaret A. Davis on Amazon

I started out liking this book. By the two-thirds mark, I loved it. At the end, I was sorry it was over.

In this far-future space opera, Reisman spins a tale both intimate and cosmic. Its two settings are vividly realized. One is Termagenti Station, a manufactured world with a deep structure and culture, appropriately exotic yet accessible to the reader--a combination not always easy to pull off in far-future fiction. The other is Ash, the planet below, a world slowly being adapted for human use. Jhinsei is a young man of unknown parentage who, after losing the only family he has known, becomes aware that the station--or is it Jhinsei himself?--is haunted, and by no conventional ghost. Meanwhile, another young man, Mheth, discovers uncomfortable truths about his own powerful, privileged, damaged family. Their fates are intertwined with that of another being--one that is sought after for its power to transform, or to destroy. What might first contact with another intelligent species really be like? What might we do to it--or it to us?

Reisman shines in her use of language. She captures the perceptions and emotions of her characters, and limns the worlds around them, in words both evocative and precise. In this way she sometimes reminded me of my favorite speculative-fiction writer, Jack Vance, especially in her rich but deft descriptions of Ash's beauty and strangeness. (I smiled to see the particularly Vancian word "nugatory" at one apt point.) The events and ideas of this novel are large, but there is power in the author's evoking of their interior repercussions. Highly recommended as an example of character-driven space opera.
- Rebecca Stetoff Amazon & Goodreads
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Here are the postcards (from spaaace!) I made (they refer to things in the book):

Here is something a smart and talented person said about the book:

"Substrate Phantoms is beautifully written and richly imagined, with themes and imagery that remind me of Samuel R. Delany’s Babel-17. It’s a lovely book; I hope we’ll see more of this universe and these characters."
—Judith Tarr, award winning author of FORGOTTEN SUNS

Here is the giveaway package:

If you would like to have this (yes, this very one, pictured above) advance reader copy of the book and a set of my bespoke postcards (from spaaace!), printed on nice recycled stock, please enter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway. Begins Monday May 8, ends midnight Wednesday May 10. Once the winner is chosen and mailing address obtained, package will be sent! (Only entrants with USA or Canadian mailing addresses, please--sorry.) (Pillow fox not included.)

I got my ARCs pretty much too late to do a Goodreads giveaway; I don't have a huge following (yet), so RTs and spreading of the word is very much appreciated. Let's launch this book. (Into spaaace!)

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Fixing to get a little promotional here and in my various channels. SUBSTRATE PHANTOMS is out in less than a month! I am excite.

In the category of advance praise (the inelegantly named "blurb"), the very kind and entirely wonderful Michael Bishop had this to say about the book:

"Jessica Reisman’s Substrate Phantoms strikes me as a parsec-pioneering SF novel of the highest pedigree. It exists in a matrix of lucid far-future prose, to wit, fresh English with long-tomorrow noir twists. Every page discloses evolved or augmented human beings against the backdrop of a hermetically radical space station, Termagenti, or the dirt-rich gravity well of a partially terraformed planet called Ash.

Substrate Phantoms presents immemorial human acts in variations as strange as any 21st-century reader could imagine, but always in contexts emotionally resonant. I think it an out-and- out breakthrough, with mystical and sociological roots trailing back to Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End and Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Left Hand of Darkness. Indeed, true aficionados of humane hard SF will applaud Ms. Reisman for bequeathing them this beautiful tale of a heretofore uncreated tomorrow." —Michael Bishop, author of A Funeral for the Eyes of Fire

Pre-order the physical book through the Resurrection House page & get a free epub download. Or get it any of the usual suspects, Amazon, B&N, Indigo. Or ask for your library to get it. Mmm, libraries.

If you're a reviewer, you can get a review copy through the Resurrection House page.

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Postcards from space! Being postcard 3 in a series of 4. Collect ‘em all! Visit the planet Ash in SUBSTRATE PHANTOMS, out May 16 from Resurrection House. Get your ticket to travel here. Or wherever books are sold. Or ask for it at your library!

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Second in the postcard series. SUBSTRATE PHANTOMS, May 16, 2017. Get your ticket to travel.

see you in wave space.jpg
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Termagenti what you need.jpg
 Three months. Visit Termagenti Station, Palogenia System.

                              Get your ticket here.
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Here it is, the cover art for SUBSTRATE PHANTOMS. I am so excited to show you this cover. I may be in love with it:

SUBSTRATE PHANTOMS is set for a May 16 publication from Resurrection House. I am very thankful to everyone involved in bringing this novel to its best, including my late agent Linn Prentis, her successor Trodayne Northern, Mark Teppo of Resurrection House.

More info at Amazon, Indigo, or Barnes & Noble pre-order pages, and at my website.
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I have an important SUBSTRATE PHANTOMS update! Arrival of this novel--of which I am really proud, and which I am really excited for you to read--will now take place in May 2017, which is further away than February 2017, in, you know, time.

Thank you for your attention.
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My poor LJ lags behind FB  on the news front, and someday, really, I'm going to update my website at in such a way that I can blog there and it will update here automatically. Really. I will.

But, meanwhile, Resurrection House (I have, elsewhere, called this press redoubtable, and it is) has acquired my novel SUBSTRATE PHANTOMS for its Arche Press speculative fiction imprint!!! No, really, !!! Substrate Phantoms is far future science fiction, set, to begin with, on a space station plagued by a strange haunting. It's currently slated for a winter/spring 2017 release, and I can't wait for people, for you guys (you're people!), for everyone to read it!

Been waiting to use that book ship icon for myself for a long time. Mega happy face, people. 


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