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Apr. 23rd, 2019 08:05 am[personal profile] marthawells
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Here's some links:

* Subtle Forms of Racism to Avoid in SFF by Blackfemgeekery
This is a transcript of a talk given at EasterCon in the UK on April 20, 2019.

And here's some lovel fan art for the Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy by Worldsentwined:


I'm closing in on the end of Network Effect, about mid to 3/4 of the way through the climax, and deep in decision fatigue and stress.

That's about all I've got right now.


Apr. 16th, 2019 10:36 am[personal profile] marthawells
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Yesterday was a particularly rough day, all around.

Three things:

* The rebuilding of Notre Dame will be funded, but here's a fundraiser for the three historical African-American churches in Lousiana that were burned in a racist arson attack:

* Sandstone has a free post on her Patreon about Tanith Lee:

I can't recommend Sandstone's Patreon enough. She says:

I am a queer science fiction and fantasy fan in St. Louis, Missouri. I grew up reading my mom's fantasy paperbacks and wandering through used bookstores and book sales in the late 90s and 00s, slowly expanding my little hoard of books from then or a little earlier with a special focus on space opera and secondary world fantasy by women and queer authors.

The period from 1980 through 2000 was one of increasing diversity in SFF, with an increasing number of women, queer authors, and authors of color in the genre, but it's one we don't talk about too much today and I've been curious why. Your support through Patreon will help me raise awareness of backlist titles from this era and explore the history of the genre as I read and share what I learn from nonfiction about the genre!

These are the books I grew up reading, the ones so many people nowadays want to say never existed.

* Author Gene Wolfe passed away on Sunday. I only met Gene Wolfe a few times, but he was always really nice to me. I was on a panel with him at the Texas Book Festival sometime around 98-2000. I told the story about the copyeditor who tried to rewrite The Death of the Necromancer and take out Reynard, and he and Neal Barrett Jr. became so angry on my behalf that they pounded on the table and yelled. Neither one of them had read the book, it was just the principle of it.


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