Aug. 14th, 2012 08:53 am
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Among the offerings made me for my birthday, was this beautiful piece from sister the artist:



A little visual coolth for the Austin summer...
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A lovely set of quotes over on Terri Windling's blog today for my birthday (of course, Terri doesn't know they're for my birthday).

I should be up in the second half of the SF Signal mind meld on pov later today. The first half, led off by the inimitable A.M. Dellamonica, is here. This will be my first ever contribution to the mind melds.

It's my birthday! I'm at the dayjob. But I'm taking Friday off.

I would like rain for my birthday but it doesn't seem like that's going to materialize.

My AC actually worked all night and there were no toxic smells this morning, after two nights and days of expensive mysterious system failure and then system impotence (failure to cool), so, er, yay. 

Lots of FB bday wishes already in the early morn; imagine there'll be more when I get home this afternoon and check again. Thank you, guys! And coworker left a cupcake on my desk this morning. mmm, cupcake.

Now I'm going to damnwell write for a while before I dayjob.

In conclusion, squirrel!

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I know you're all dying to know if was cupcakes, cocktails, or what for the birthday weekend, but first, wow, the Facebook HBs, thank you everyone! That is kind of an amazing phenom, the flood of bday wishes via FB.

So, there were both cupcakes and cocktails, also some good productive writing time, BBQ at a new place in my neighborhood, some thrift storing, farmers market, swimming and lolling in the shade of a towering pecan tree, and a movie, Attack the Block, which, as many have said, really is fantastic. One line review: excellent blend of a B movie with a Minette Walters mystery, specifically Acid Row, with humor and awesomeness in abundance.

All in all, an excellent birthday weekend.

Back to dayjobbing today, with lots to do both here and for upcoming trip to Maine, plus, as always, fiction to write.

Also, got sched for ArmadilloCon at the end of the month and, yay! looks great. Will post closer to the con.

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Persian cucumber salad. Pan seared quail. Grilled peach on the side. This is what I had for dinner at the East Side Showroom last night. Okay? Okay.

After our fab dinner I showed my visiting friend How to Train Your Dragon, which she hadn't seen. Officially on the list of my favorite ever movies, I think. Then I started Naomi Novik's Tongues of Serpents. A dragonish evening. Then Tinker periodically lost his mind and meowed piteously all night long, which he does when I have an overnight guest, for at least the first one or two nights. I mean, piteously. Last time he did this I was worried something was actually wrong and took him to the vet. Stinker.

Between bouts of dayjob work yesterday, a good bit of work on Deep Terrain got done yesterday, and there will be more at writing date tomorrow.

Recently I wished there was a thrift store in walking distance from my loft; then I discovered one has recently opened less than two blocks away. And it is written of as the Austin-est thrift store in Austin. Will check it out at some point this weekend.

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Trying to decide what I might want to do to celebrate the birthday this year. Will have a friend visiting for the weekend, which is some celebration right there. It's hard having an August bday in Austin, though. Anyone who can manage not to be here generally isn't. (except my insane friend who is coming here from NYC) Plus, because of upcoming Maine trip, I don't have the vacation days to take it off (next Monday) and will probably resort to using a sick day...

Cupcakes (I have Delish groupon!)? Cocktails? Invite people to join in or just wing it? Go see Attack the Block? Stay in bed? Go swimming?

Feel some gratitude, that's the only thing I know I want to do. Plus, I'd kind of like to have a gin bramble at Peche.

Progress on the ending of Deep Terrain was somewhat derailed Monday and Tuesday, Monday by forgetting to bring my flash drive to dayjob, Tuesday by a short story whose beginning, voice, and world just kind of gushed up, would I or wouldn't I. Which, you know, is always kind of exciting and fun.

But back to finishing this damn novel now. In between dayjob demands, of course.

Tinker has figured out how to open the snap lock container holding the dry kibble. Doomed, I tell you, doomed. I could have called him Tailor, Soldier or Spy, but no, I had to go with Tinker.
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Was a lovely, low-key birthday weekend. Took Friday off, took care of the usual Saturday chores and had an awesome nap. Gotten out of bed Saturday morning by phone call from a friend singing HB to me. Went to breakfast with usual Saturday peeps, got many phone calls, tweets, facebook, and email birthday wishes. Dinner with N&C& the kids that night (chicken mirabella, my request); the kids all made cards and they gave me lovely presents and made me feel very loved; then we had strawberry shortcake and watched Coraline, which they hadn't seen yet and I was happy to see again. Sunday, friend and neighbor B took me out for brunch; we went to the Woodland (where I really want to go for cocktails sometime). Spent the rest of the day reading, cooking, and writing, capped off by viewing of Trueblood w/B. Had a couple of good convos with my sister, who called me several times instead of the traditional one. (My poor mom, who had the flu, lost track of time, thought today was the 8th and called yesterday.)

I feel quite refreshed. Who knows how long into the dayjob week it will last, but still, yay.  (Plus, this is short week for me, Friday being the first day of ArmadilloCon. And [ profile] impatientape is in town and will be coming to stay later in the week, so, yay!)

And, you know, there was cake.

I want to share the bit of Pablo Neruda one beloved friend sent me as a bday wish:

Today, this day was a brimming cup,
today, this day was an immense wave,
today, it was all the earth.
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That is all. if you were looking for content, move along...

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Back during the Nebula Awards mass autographing, Bill Spencer (William Browning Spencer) was kind enough to buy a copy of The Z Radiant for me to sign.

So, tonight the phone rang, just after 9, and it was Bill (who has certainly never called me before), calling me to tell me how much he liked the book, which he had just finished reading. He said things like "a masterpiece of world building" and how it felt like old style science fiction, but classic, good science fiction that by the end was made new again, and that it was a page-turner which didn't sacrifice literary style. (When I wrote The Z Radiant I wanted to write a page turner with literary merit, so this is hell yeah awesome to hear, even all this time later.) And more, all of this coming from a writer whose work I really admire.

He also said he was worried at first, because of the cover, and that it deserves a wider publication, for which, should I ever get it, he'll be happy to write me a cover blurb.

Such a very swell surprise, made of awesome.

We also talked a little about separating the writing itself from the business and publishing end of it, about agents and not being a commercially attractive writer (as one agent told him, he liked Bill's work, but he had car payments to make and Bill is "one of those small press writers..."). Whatever. It's always amazing when someone really gets the book, and appreciates all that went into it, and where it went, and where it left them at the end. And from someone as smart and talented as Bill Spencer...yay. *bounce*

And now I will bounce off to bed. Yes, I am that old.
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However old we are, 'twas a fine and pleasant birthday, depsite that I spent a large portion of it at the dayjob. The cats didn't bring me breakfast in bed, but I suspect the loft steps presented too much of an obstacle. 

In the early morn, I worked on a short story currently going under the title "The Barkacharie's Bite." 

One friend (who has been formerly referred to here as my massage therapist, which she still is) took me to lunch at Enoteca and we had a lot of excellent conversation. Then Nadia picked me up from work and took me to dinner at Bess Bistro, and from there to have cake with the kids and open presents from them all. The presents from the kids and N&C kind of blew me away. Teo made me a room box, like unto the surreal room boxes I make, a couple of which I've given them over the years--he really likes them; Allegra made me a little scene of bench, cat, and sun going down behind them; Massimo gave me a sparkling pendant (I wore it and felt the bling) and a little pot he made with flowers painted on it; Casey gave me books, Jay Lake's Mainspring, and Philip Pullman's Ruby mysteries; Nadia gave me an antique Chinese or Thai marionette which had been her mother's. Kind of overhwhelming.

My family and friends either called and left messages or e-mailed me, or both. 

I'd say my main birthday wish came true, to give and receive lots of love. Here's to the continuation of same.

Thank you to all my friends here.
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Fresh basil and little tomatoes! From [profile] gracefullee's garden! In California! Fed-Exed to me! How cool is that? Very cool. Also in the box, pressed flowers and a lovely handcrafted journal.

B-day was low-key and fine. Got my hair cut with a little mini-massage. First professional haircut I've had in about ten years. The bbq was fun, friends showed up and it was very good to see them. Very hot out, but the sunset was beautiful, as was its reflection in the big windows of building four across the green from the pavilion, and the moon came up huge and yellow-gold. I kind of wanted to go hide in my loft with one or two people and watch tv, but I didn't. In all honestly, this b-day has passed as little more than a blip on the jobsearch-stressed radar.

Also received a lovely ceramic bowl from my sister, a sweet little ceramic teapot from friend M, in uncannily similar design and color to the bowl from sister, check from dad, a bunch of beautiful roses from B, a very swell plant pot from P&C, books! from A&S, plus a beautiful vintage garnet pendant from A and a lambic beer (my fave beer) from S. One of my neighbor's gave me a George Foreman mini-grill (why, I don't really know, but, hey, thank you) and another gave me an Emily Strange book.

Lot to get done this week before teaching in the workshop all day Friday, so, back to it.
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Birthday bbq was lovely. [ profile] panisdead brought a yummy yummy spanikopita; [ profile] rusty76 brought very delicious queso with chips and the most amazing pretzel-chocolate-caramel-nut things in the universe--they can both cook. (I just marinated chicken and shrimp and made kabobs to grill, along with a pomegranate-vodka punch, which disappeared completely.) So cool that they came! Quite a few others of my friends came, and a bunch of loft friend-neighbors. Julia, best boss in the world, brought a mountain papaya upside down cake. People brought me amazing presents (I probably should have said no presents, but what's the fun in that?). Best of all, it rained, cooling the air and making music on the roof of the pavilion, while we all stayed mostly dry with a beautiful view of the rainy evening sky and the lightning. Sweet.

[ profile] kelly_yoyo pointed out to me that for this whole year I will be the answer (to life the universe and everything).


Aug. 8th, 2005 09:16 am
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Spending the birthday morning writing (well, revising), then doing prep stuff for a bbq out in the lofts pavilion tonight, to which I have invited a sundry assortment of friends and acquaintances. There will be a mid-day break in between writing and prep to see a matinee with A. I kinda love my life. Which is a good way to feel on your birthday.


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