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(yes, I'm spammy today--but I probably won't post again for a few days)

I'm going to Orycon! I get to see a bunch of my best beloveds and go to a con I've never gone to in a city I really like!

Things I'll be doing:
Sat Nov 13 2:00:pm - 3:00:pm -- Theme
What is theme? How do you develop theme in your writing, or should you even try? For the sake of future graduate students studying your brilliant prose, learn about this often-neglected aspect of storytelling.
Jessica Reisman, Grá Linnaea, Sara A. Mueller, (*)Mary Rosenblum/Mary Freeman, Bill Johnson

Sat Nov 13 4:00:pm - 5:00:pm -- Revision: Path to better writing or slog into mud?
Endless revisions can kill good writing, but everyone says polish your work. Besides, the first draft is usually bad, right? How to navigate through the apparent contradictions without going crazy.
Steve Perry, Jessica Reisman, (*)Lori Ann White, Grá Linnaea, S.D. Perry

Sat Nov 13 5:30:pm - 6:00:pm -- Reading
Lincoln - Not sure what I'll read from yet, feel free to place a request. I'll try to have a fun giveaway of some sort.
Sun Nov 14 2:00:pm - 3:00:pm -- 1 cup F, 2 cups SF, 1 tsp H in blender ...
Combining genres--What readers want from blended genre stories, and why some editors and agents have trouble with them.
Jessica Reisman, (*)J. Steven York, P.N. Elrod, Seanan McGuire
If you're gonna be there and want to, please find me and say hello.

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