Sep. 7th, 2007

storyrainthejournal: (in dreams)
In the dreaming, split some time between a sideshow and a bathroom where I was joined by my old boss and two young business men (one who looked an awful lot like a young Sulu), having a meeting while I used the facilities. I mean, they were in the bathroom stall with me.
Out at the other sideshow, after an act in which three dancers wearing spools of colorful foil gift ribbon disappeared so only the bright ribbon spools could be seen dancing hit a snag (the invisible, ribbon-spool-defined figures stopped moving), the next act came out: at first, a middle aged woman in an old fashioned bathing suit, a little unsure of herself, then a moment later, s/he bares a blondly hirsute male breast before swinging into a dizzying act of standup and song with rapid fire costume quick changes taking place before our very eyes as s/he moved all over the stage--one fabulous, glittering ensemble after another.
Later, as I stood off to the side preparatory to leaving, s/he, wrapped in a cloak and watching the rest of the show from the shadows, offered me some banned pharmaceuticals; I declined, but it was a friendly exchange.


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