Dec. 14th, 2011

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Martha Wells is a doing a giveaway drawing for your choice of either The Cloud Roads or The Serpent Sea, which follows The Cloud Roads and will be out around the beginning of the new year. These are wonderful books. I read a very early version of The Serpent Sea and am very much looking forward to the published version.

Also, as of this morning, The Cloud Roads is still being offered as a free promo on Amazon Kindle US.

Me, I am keeping my head down, trying to get refocused on revising the draft of Deep Terrain, having sent the Edit Letter revisions of Substrate Phantoms back at the beginning of last week. Kind of slow getting back into it.

Also, not feeling very communicative of late; very inward. This is a thing that happens, and will pass. Not a bad thing, just a thing.

Winter holidays, for me, are about making light. Inside the self, inside the walls of home; kindling it in exchanges with loved ones and others, in whatever we put our hands to. Light, warmth, kindness, celebration.


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