Nov. 27th, 2012


Nov. 27th, 2012 02:46 pm
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Sometimes you don’t trust the words

You are all inchoate longing

And a rifted crackle of insecurities

Sometimes you can only cry

Curl up and hug yourself to yourself

For who else will embrace you when

You are this mess

Of unlovely hurt and insecurities

Ludicrous things these insecurities

Misshapen and comical if they were not so


Sometimes only music or silence or breath

Speaks your soul your mind your blood

Sometimes you only wish want need to go

Home to be loved wanted accepted nurtured not

Left behind abandoned rejected ignored alone

Sometimes you need to be quiet

Because all that will come out is a wail

Bloody cutting gems

Crying orphaned birds

Other things best kept

Private silent relic

Things to use when later words come back

Logic and pattern return and

Beauty finds its way behind your eyes into your

Voice again

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In other news, for those not FB or Twitter compliant, story sale! Rick Klaw has kindly accepted "The Chambered Eye" for inclusion in Rayguns over Texas, the official Worldcon 2013 anthology. I will be added to an already impressive ToC.

In other otherness, reminding myself: I don't congratulate people so they'll thank me; if they ignore me while thanking other folks, that's no reason for me to take any bad feeling to heart or to feel any less generous or friendly toward them or anyone else. Be generous of spirit because you're the one living in this skin.  

(this smidget brought to you by an ongoing attack of the rabid insecurities, which are as ridiculous as they are mean)


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